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Friday, July 24, 2009
Vanessa Hudgens - V (Album Review)

Track Listing:
1. Come Back To Me
2. Let Go
3. Say OK
4. Never Underestimate A Girl
5. Let´s Dance
6. Drive
7. Afraid
8. Promise
9. Whatever Will Be
10. Rather Be With You
11. Psychic
12. Lose Your Love

I must say Vanessa's debut album V, was better than I thought. The colour theme was very nice and she looked gorgeous in almost all the pictures. Come Back To Me was the album's lead single. A groovy, fun to dance to song that I felt was a little teensy for me. Say OK, the next single from the album, was better too, and the music video even featured her boyfriend Zac Efron. Almost all the tracks on the album dance anthems, but some slow songs like Drive and Whatever Will Be were really good too. Let's Dance speaks for itself and will definitely get you moving. Overall, it's a fairly okay album which in my opinion was better than her second album Identified.


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