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Saturday, September 4, 2010
Tamar Kaprelian - Sinner or a Saint

Track Listing:
1. New Day
2. Sinner or a Saint
3. Delicate Soul
4. Raining In Paradise
5. Should Have Known Better
6. March Mornings
7. Transcend
8. Raw
9. Purified
10. The Otherside (Aleatory)
11. New Day (Acoustic)

Singer/songwriter Tamar Kaprelian is worlds apart from most of today's pop artists but she brings to mind another Sara Bareilles. On her debut album, Kaprelian's Sinner or a Saint is as classy as they come and is refreshing to see. She soars best on simple ballads with beautiful melodies and lyrics such as The Other Side (Aleatory) and Transcend, my favourite cuts from the album. Surprisingly, working with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder didn't give her a big ballad, instead, it gave her the sprightly title track which, to be honest, feels rather different from the entire record so it's interesting to see why it was chosen as the title. Other stunners from the album include the album's radio-friendly lead single New Day which is also racking up plays on my iTunes.

Overall, Sinner or a Saint is a pretty record and I'm keeping my eye on Tamar to see how far she'll go. Nevertheless, I love her record and I think it's easy to relate to.


Download Link: HERE


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