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Friday, September 3, 2010
Big News: What's up with Jessie James' album?

First came the release date of August 24th for Jessie James' sophomore album Daughter of a Gypsy, which was eventually pushed back almost a whole month to September 28th. Then, a couple weeks ago, all news of Jessie's upcoming sophomore set was removed from sites like Wikipedia and Amazon. Then came Jessie's tweets of going into the studio to write. Remember that Jessie's album was already confirmed to have been completed. By going back into the studio, I think Jessie's label is upset Boys In The Summer didn't do as well as it should have, debuting at #16 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart and thus have instructed Jessie to return to the studio to record more hits-in-the-making for the album. Oh well. Looks like we have to wait again. Well then, Mercury Records, how about booking more live televised performances for Jessie? Here's another hit gone to waste (Boys In The Summer)..

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