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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Britney Spears - live @ GMA

Britney pre-taped a mini concert for GMA that aired yesterday to coincide with the release of Femme Fatale and after watching the videos, I feel Britney has really stepped down a lot as a performer. Unfortunately, either Jennifer Lopez (who's older than her) or Cheryl Cole (who's slightly younger) could've done a lot better than Britney did. Britney's getting way too manufactured and controlled this era.


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Big News: The Saturdays ready new single

Looks like The Saturdays have got themselves a busy 2011 ahead. Being the reigning girband in the UK with Girls Aloud on a 100 year hiatus and newcomers Parade and Wonderland with shades of potential but not really delivering, their new album might be just around the corner to keep them on top. With the London date on their well-received Headlines Tour filmed for a slated The Saturdays 24/7-esque television series. But their tour during the year end could be playing to bigger crowds - with the year end tour rumoured to be an arena tour. Well I was wondering why they were playing such small stages on their Headlines Tour..

Besides that, they plan to invade Europe with the release of Higher in Germany this summer. But they definitely aren't forgetting the UK. The girls will be playing festival after festival in the summer, including major ones like V Festival, Chester Park and T in the Park.

Also, The Saturdays have apparently finished recording their upcoming single, claimed track producer Steve Mac, who wrote the track with Ina Wroldsen, both of which are no strangers to The Sats as both worked together on their chart monster Ego which is their second best selling track ever. Ina Wroldsen also has co-writes on the girls' previous singles If This Is Love, Up, Work, and Higher.

Clearly the girls aren't messing around. Just a couple weeks ago, a track called Girls Night Out was rumoured to be on the upcoming album, while Rochelle confirmed Turn Myself In, the midtempo stomper they premiered at The Headlines Tour would be included on the new album as well.

The new single will be out before July, and the girls will be headed to LA within the next week to film the music video. Also, Mollie tweeted "The countdown to Monday begins!!!!! Ohhhh yes!" Ooh.

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Friday, March 25, 2011
Nicole Scherzinger - Poison + I Hate This Part acoustic

Reigning on the UK Singles Chart is Nicole Scherzinger with her recent chart monster Don't Hold Your Breath, and Scherzy did an acoustic session to promote Killer Love. I actually think she did amazing on these acosutic performances. Just sitting down, without all the fancy choreography and pyrotechnics, Scherzinger really proves she's an incredible singer. She nailed Poison and even pulled out the good ole' I Hate The Part from the Doll Domination era. I miss the Pussycat Dolls. A lot. You can check out Poison above and I Hate This Part below.

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Billboard Update

Surprise surprise. Guess who's #1 on the Hot 100 still? Yup, Born This Way still reigns over the Hot 100, with Katy Perry's new offering E.T. quickly gaining some serious steam, peaking at #2 while Rihanna rises to #3 again with the Airplay Gainer Title. After scoring another Top 10 hit a couple weeks ago with their cover of Teenage Dream, Glee has done it again, debuting at #6 with Loser Like Me. The Glee effect continues with Get it Right at #16, Raise Your Glass at #36, Blackbird at #37, Misery at #52, Hell To The No at #53 and Candles at #71. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lopez' On The Floor has taken quite a fall, falling to #13 this week. Hmmm, time for some much-deserved promo, J.Lo? Oof. In it's third week out, Britney's Till The World Ends dips from #9 to a shocking #23, while Selena Gomez & The Scene debut right behind at #24 with Who Says. Jessie J moves up a little again with Price Tag making a new peak at #54. How about a performance on American Idol then? Jennifer Hudson makes a move up to #89 with Where You At. Expect that to move even further up with album release week and a promotional spot on Idol. Christina Perri's melodic new single Arms debuts at #94 this week. Miranda Cosgrove's current single Dancing Crazy debuts right at the rim of the Hot 100 at #100.

Over on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, Adele rises again to take poll spot with 21 right at the top while Avril Lavigne's Goodbye Lullaby falls three spots to #7. Miranda Cosgrove's new EP High Maintainence debuts at an unimpressive #34. After a performance on American Idol, Season 9's Lee DeWyze is back on the charts with Live It Up re-entering at #96.

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Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Poor Selena Gomez. Girl barely cracked a move on stage but was running out of breath on stage. I'll admit, I would rather see her try to sing live as compared to lipsynching, but dang. That just wasn't good.

Still, I do like Who Says. But if this is another two single per album era, I'm out.


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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Billboard Update

Lady Gaga spends her fifth consecutive week at #1 with Born This Way with Cee Lo Green's F**k You trailing behind her once again. Looking to lodge her fourth consecutive #1 track from Teenage Dream is Katy Perry with E.T. rising to #3 thanks to strong digital sales, while Rihanna slips a spot to #4 with S&M but gets the Airplay Gainer Title. Staying strong at #5 is Jennifer Lopez with On The Floor while Britney Spears leaps to #9 on the Hot 100 with her latest single Till The World Ends. Unfortunately, Ke$ha's Blow has fallen right to the rim of the Hot 100, falling to #10 this week. Moving up to #18 this week is Avril Lavigne's What The Hell, trailed behind by Christina Perri's breakout hit Jar of Hearts at #19. Glee's invasion on the Hot 100 is led by Landslide, debuting at #23 with Do You Wanna Touch Me, Animaland Kiss following suit at #57, #62 and #83. Jessie J shoots up with Price Tag peaking at #58 this week. Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song rises to #72 this week, making a brand peak. Jennifer Hudson's Where You At finally makes its chart impact, debuting at #96. Album track Wish You Were Here from Avril Lavigne's new album Goodbye Lullaby debuts at #99.

Over on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, Lupe Fiasco's new album Lasers ends Adele's chart reign as Lasers debuts at #1, pushing Adele's 21 into second place. Glee's new Volume 5 soundtrack debuts at #3 while Avril Lavigne's Goodbye Lullaby arrives at #4, making it her lowest-selling album so far in terms of first week sales. Bummer. With little to no promotion, Ellie Goulding's Lights was quietly released to the States, debuting at #129. Even I didn't know the release was so soon. Rubbish promotion. Sara Bareilles chart-topping album Kaleidoscope Heart re-enters at #192.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011
Big News: Christina Perri unveils new single "Arms"!

With the surprise success of Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri has realised that her formula of writing sinple love songs is clearly a winner, and has unveiled her new single Arms. It's every bit as brutal and honest as Jar of Hearts. It's not that catchy, and it might not match the success of Jar of Hearts, but I don't care. This is music for the soul.

Her debut album Lovestrong will be out May 10th and single Arms will be released March 15th.

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Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough [Music Video Premiere]

Forgettable, another pointless release from the Peas for their new single Just Can't Get Enough. And Fergie doesn't even sound like herself. It's time for another hiatus and Fergie solo album, thanks.

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Avril Lavigne - What The Hell & Push live on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Avril Lavigne's "comeback" album Goodbye Lullaby may have only charted at #4, shifting a little over 80, 000 copies in its first week, but Lavigne's still plugging the album and the single/songs from the album, and hit Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform an acoustic version of What the Hell and her much-desired second single Push. She was sick, by the way, but still sounded great. Check out What The Hell above and Push below.


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Big News: New J.Lo track hits web!

Jennifer Lopez' music career is definitely back in resurgence thanks to the powers that are American Idol and RedOne. But of course, J.Lo might have a hit right now with On The Floor but she needs to secure at least another hit and have a decent impact with her upcoming album to have a proper "comeback". Reports have said that J.Lo has a Carribean/dance track, straight-up dancefloor anthem and an urban song that she's contemplating for the next single.

A new track surfaced recently called Invading My Mind which sounds like it could be the full-on club track she was talking about. Check it out below - it's pretty hot but generic. I liked Jenny's On The Floor because of the unique Latin flavour, but this track could have easily been handed over to someone like Rihanna. So let's hope this isn't one of the potential single choices.

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Big News: The Saturdays do Twitter Q&A!

After recently closing their sold-out UK headlining tour The Headlines Tour, The Saturdays went to help Marie Curie with their daffodil appeal, before going into the studio to work on their upcoming album slated for release later this year. Busy bees, then. But even still, Mollie, Rochelle and Una took over The Saturdays' Twitter account to answer some fan's questions. Below, I've rounded out all the questions that matter.

@FrankieGER asked Mollie if they'd be heading to Germany to do promotion for Higher, which serves as their introductory single in Europe, with which Mollie replied with "@FrankieGER definitely! we can't wait to come over!! we"re coming this summer so look out! xx

However, when questioned about the title of the recently finished single (confirmed by Rochelle), Mollie was mum, only telling fans to "stay tuned for news".

After Mollie, it was Rochelle's turn to answer some questions and when a fan asked Rochelle on how she'd describe the new single in one word, Rochelle replied with "It's different/fierce". Mmmmm. Can't wait.

But those of you who are waiting for a JLS-The Saturdays collab, it appears that might not happen, as Rochelle finds it "really odd!", before continuing saying "So no, they make great music by themselves". Ooh.

While Una hasn't gone on their Twitter yet, when she does, I'll update this post. Looks like The Saturdays have yet another busy year ahead of them!

UPDATE: Una did her Twitter Party on her account instead after The Saturdays' account went overcapacity.

When asked when the band would do Live Lounge again, Una said "hope so, for the next single!"

That's pretty much it. Yup.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011
The Wanted - Animal (Neon Trees cover) live @ Radio 1

The Wanted slayed Neon Trees' Animal. They slayed their solos in a way I'd never seen before. Holy mother of balls. That was pretty much amazing.


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Big News: Kelly Clarkson's new album won't be till September

Damnit. The corporate wigs at RCA have decided that May just wouldn't be right for a new Kelly Clarkson album and have decided to go for a September release instead. Clarkson stated:

"I recently found out that my album won't be coming out until September... the album has been recorded but I can't release it until then. I realise that is a long time but that's the best time to release it apparently so I'm sorry for the wait but I promise you it sounds great!"

While of course, Clarkson sounds a whole lot positive about all this label drama, it's probably because she wants to avoid another My December debacle with the tools at RCA. Well at least we don't have to wait 2 years like we had to for a new Avril Lavigne album. But I'm sure deep inside is a brooding, angry diva that's going to write an angry song about the pricks at RCA. Remember the demo Rinse And Repeat? Yup, the demo about the dance trend and how everything sounds the same, and how ridiculous labels are nowadays. Hopefully we get something a little more brutal on the new album.

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Big News: Jennifer Hudson announces new single!

Seeing how Where You At has completely flopped in the States, award-winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson has decided to approach the UK in a different way in the I Remember Me era, charging ahead with the release of the title track off the album. The Ryan Tedder penned-track is slated to be released early April and remixed by Ash Howes (Girls Aloud, Blue and Westlife) for its UK radio edit.

Well, I guess anything's better than that dated snoozefest of a single Where You At that is unremarkable for a singer of Jennifer Hudson's calibre. And the UK is always more receptive to such good singers anyway so here's hoping it hits Top 20 at least.

Source: HERE

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Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath live @ T4

She's been everywhere performing her second single Don't Hold Your Breath, but wouldn't she? Nicole Scherzinger finally got her solo hit in the form of Poison last year when it hit the Top 3 on the UK Singles Chart, and Don't Hold Your Breath looks set to do equally well, if not better. Leading the midweeks chart in front of The Wanted's Gold Forever and Adele's Someone Like You, Nicole definitely seems to want to keep that up, and performed it on T4. The usual - gorgeous and pitch-perfect (though there was quite a fair bit of backing track in the chorus and she was using an autotuned mic). Still, it's not like you don't know whether she can sing live or not.


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Miranda Cosgrove - Dancing Crazy live on Ellen

Miranda Cosgrove was recently on the Ellen Show to plug her new High Maintainence EP and performed Dancing Crazy. Personally while I don't think Danciing Crazy will even chart, let alone become a hit, that performance was surprisingly okay because I previously thought she was crap live. But then it just got awkward when two random hyperactive dancers ran on stage to do some lame choreography. Then she took the awkwardness a step further by inviting Greyson Chance, who she's touring with, to perform with her on the bridge and last chorus.

It just felt like I was watching an older sister dance around and sing with her little brother. Uhh.. That was totally unnecessary but it's Ellen show, she'll let Greyson perform whenever he can.


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Monday, March 14, 2011
Jessie J live on SNL

In a similar promotional strategy as fellow Brit Adele did, Jessie J broke the US market with performances on Saturday Night Live, performing her viral hit Price Tag featuring B.o.B. and album cut Mamma Knows Best. Of course, knowing this was her big break, she brought 101% of her energy and SAAAANG. There's no denying this girl's got pipes, and she clearly wanted America to be aware of that too. B.o.B. joined in on his verse on the performance, and Jessie brought out her soul in Mamma Knows Best. Yup, this will skyrocket her stardom in the States that's for sure.


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Saturday, March 12, 2011
Big News: Rihanna selects new single!

Pop megastar Rihanna has selected a fourth single from her album Loud! And it is.. California King Bed. It was one of my favourite cuts when I heard the entire album because it's a different side of Rihanna. I'm not entirely sure how well it'll do the charts though. Top 10? Almost definitely. #1? Hmmm.. California King Bed is good but it's not great. But there aren't any single-worthy songs on the album so I guess this will tide us over before the inevitable Loud re-release.

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Melissa Molinaro - Dance Floor [Music Video Premiere]

Melissa Smith. Remember her? The girl that reached the Top 4 on the Pussycat Dolls: Search For The Next Doll reality TV competition? Well if you do, and if you follow her career, you'll know that she tried to make a mark with the release of pop ballad I Believed. She even went as far as to make a music video for it. While that was nice, it failed to make any impact and she disappeared for a while again.

Then she landed a role playing a popstar Venus on the movie Commander, where she performed her second single Lost In Love. But it appears, now she's back with a new stage name Melissa Molinaro and has just premiered the video for her new single Dance Floor a couple days ago. The video's nice enough, and she's making the most of her budget, but I just wish they'd use less autotune on the verses and bridges.

Nevertheless, I don't see this becoming a hit, but she definitely deserves better material. Robin Antin missed out on casting Melissa Smith/Molinaro alongside the other PCD: SFTND finalists Asia, Melissa R. and Chelsea Korka to form a girl group.

Those 4 girls slayed left and right with their dancing and were all decent singers. Pity there was so much bitching amongst them on the show though. I recently went back to watch that and I've gotta say, Robin really missed out on the jackpot. But if you're wondering what happened to the other three girls, Chelsea's in another girl group called Paradiso Girls, Melissa R. went back to the Phillipines and Asia.. Well, God only knows what happened to her.

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Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says [Music Video Premiere]

Looking absolutely gorgeous is Selena Gomez in her new music video for Who Says, the lead single lifted from the group's third studio album tentatively set to be released later this year. But did you really expect her to be anything other than gorgeous?

The video starts off with her doing a glamorous photoshoot, before taking off her heels and earrings and running around the city, with words that match the song's lyrics. Then she enters a cab and reaches a little desert before she changes into somthing a little more summery/casual before performing with her band around a bunch of excited teens. It's simple, but fits the bill.

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Friday, March 11, 2011
Billboard Update

The top 2 on the Hot 100 stay intact, with Cee Lo Green's Forget You closely behind Lady Gaga's Born This Way, which tops the Hot 100 for a 4th consecutive week. Rihanna's just creeping into the Top 3 with S&M. Another #1 for her? I think so, yes. Jennifer Lopez is doing incredible for herself right now, with On The Floor zipping up to the Top 5, only lagging behind P!nk's F**kin" Perfect. Rushing into the Top 10 is Ke$ha, whose latest single Blow peaks at an all-time high of #7 this week. Shooting up the chart as well is Jar of Hearts, the breakout hit from Christina Perri which peaks at #17 this week. Adele, however, falls to #18 with Rolling In The Deep. Britney Spears' new single Till The World Ends debuts at the rim of the Top 20. Is it just me, or is this Katy Perry's California Gurls and Teenage Dream all over again? Especially with the latter and Till The World Ends debuting at #20 while the albums' lead singles were all at higher positions on the chart. Slipping just a spot to #23 is Avril Lavigne's What The Hell while Jessie J gains some traction on the Hot 100, with Price Tag jumping to #78 this week.

Adele's 21 continues to top the Billboard 200 for a second consecutive week. Exactly what made this happen, I'm not sure, but the soundtrack for Burlesque has leaped more than a 100 spots up, hitting a new peak of #18 this week from #140 last week, getting the Greatest Gainer title.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011
Avril Lavigne - What The Hell live @ The Today Show

A rather perky and energetic Avril Lavigne who just got back from Japan was on the Today Show to perform new single What The Hell. It is album release week after all. Nevertheless, she finally brought the sass fit for the track, a thing I was missing on live performances for these. And she finally seems happy. Or happier.


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Selena Gomez & The Scene new track: Who Says

Selena Gomez & The Scene are back after a little break (well, not really. They went on tour) with a new track Who Says, the lead single from their upcoming third album. Unfortunately, I find this two singles per album a terribly bad strategy, and while her first two albums Kiss & Tell and A Year Without Rain have gone Gold, this promotional strategy will definitely kill off sales of her album. Nevertheless, Who Says ties in with the same Firework, F**kin' Perfect, Born This Way, We R Who We R etc. kind of 'inspirational pop' songs. It does annoy me a bit, but Who Says is a kind of guitar-led, bouncy summer pop track that isn't clubby/beat-y. Which is nice enough. But Who Says isn't as great as A Year Without Rain (the song). Boo.

Also, check out Selena's interview with Ryan Seacrest below.

Download Link: HERE
Download Link 2: HERE
Download Link 3: HERE


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath live on Dancing On Ice + Loose Women

Looking a little tired but still very gorgeous was Nicole Scherzinger on her UK live televised debut of new single Don't Hold Your Breath, following her UK Top 3 hit Poison. The performance was a little lethargic and bland if I'm being completely honest, and I would've much rather watched her dance instead, but her vocals were still pretty much full on so I ain't complaining.

But then she performed Don't Hold Your Breath on Loose Women with more energy and looked even more stunning. Check out both the performance and interview below:


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Big News: Demi Lovato ready to get back!

After her stint in a rehabilitation centre, Disney teen star Demi Lovato released a video via Cambio to update fans on her recent life and talking about her problems, of which she says "The journey that I’ve been on has been very, very difficult over the past few months. I was dealing with issues that I know not only girl just my age, but of all ages are dealing with.. I hope to one day raise awareness of everything just so I can help people, too, just like you guys helped me through this rough time. I can’t tell you how much light you guys brought into my life in probably the darkest time in my life,” Lovato adds. “Without you guys I wouldn’t be here today."

Looking happy and healthy. I really want this girl back in the music scene. Will she return to Disney? Who knows..?

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Jessie J - Price Tag live @ Let's Dance for Comic Relief

The Wanted weren't the only pop act to grace the Let's Dance for Comic Relief show, with Jessie J performing her UK #1 Price Tag. But what's ironic is her singing "we don't need your money money money, it's not about the money money money" on a show where people call in to donate money..

The performance itself was pretty good, but we need to sit down and sort out her wardrobe because she doesn't look anything but weird. And what is up with the little sideburns in her hair?!


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The Wanted - Gold Forever [Music Video Premiere] + Comic Relief

A couple days ago, the boys of The Wanted premiered the video for their Comic Relief single Gold Forever, a slice of electronica-infused pop that starts out slow as a nice ballad before bursting into a ginormous, infectious electronica tune. But my first impression of this song wasn't great. Meh, I thought. Sounded old/tacky (especially the electronica-infused part), but nevertheless, it has somewhat grown on me. The music video unfortunately, isn't great. What was supposed to be a rather belated Christmas house party looked like a cheap studio built up to look like a house. Hmmmm. Guess Alexandra Burke did better with that one for her All Night Long video.

Nevertheless, while the video has completely no link to the actual song, the boys brought their energy to the Let's Dance for Comic Relief show and debuted Gold Forever on TV. Their vocals didn't sound half bad too. Definitely infectious.

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Friday, March 4, 2011
Billboard Update

Lady Gaga continues to dominate the Hot 100 with Born This Way holding the #1 spot for a third consecutive, with Cee Lo Green refusing to let go as F**k You! gets the Airplay Gainer Title again for the second week in a row at #2. Some risers this week include P!nk's F**kin' Perfect and Rihanna's S&M, moving up to #4 and #5 this week, with S&M reaching a new peak this week. Katy Perry gets the Digital Gainer Title with new single E.T. featuring Kanye West rocketing up to #8. I wouldn't be surprised if this one hits #1 as well. Jennifer Lopez has finally gotten hit she's worked so hard for with On The Floor featuring Pitbull debuting at #9 this week. Also moving up the Hot 100 rapidly is Ke$ha and Adele - two artists on opposite spectrums of pop music, but nonetheless, both of their latest singles Blow and Rolling In The Deep respectively flying up to new peaks of #11 and #13 respectively. Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts continues going strong - remaining at its peak of #21 while Avril Lavigne slips to #22 with What The Hell. Glee's Hot 100 invasion this week starts with Don't You Want Me debuting at #49, with the other tracks Blame It (On The Alcohol), Tik Tok following suit, debuting at #55, #61 respectively. Adele's so-gorgeous-it's-impossible-not-to-fall-in-love-with-it ballad Someone Like You debuts at #65 this week, while another album track Set Fire To The Rain arrives at #88. Thanks to the almighty powers of VEVO and YouTube, Jessie J still hasn't disappeared from the Hot 100 yet, with Price Tag lingering around at #93 after a slip to #99 last week.

Over on the album's chart, there's nothing interesting to take note of except for the fact that Adele's landed her first US #1 album - with 21 shifting an impressive 352, 000 copies in its first week - while 19 gets the Greatest Gainer Title, flying up to #16 from #50.

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Britney Spears new track: Till The World Ends + Big News: Femme Fatale's official tracklisting!

After she kicked off the Femme Fatale with a #1 debut with Hold It Against Me, Britney Spears is now ready to release her second single Till The World Ends, co-written by another pop star also known as Ke$ha. The track's catchy, hot, but nothing groundbreaking. Of course, I do expect the rest of Femme Fatale to be just as great, if not better.

Download Link: HERE
Download Link 2: HERE
Download Link 3: HERE

Below, you can check out the tracklisting for Femme Fatale:
1. Till The World Ends (Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard)
2. Hold It Against Me (Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Co-produced by Billboard)
3. Inside Out (Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard)
4. I Wanna Go (Produced by Max Martin and Shellback)
5. How I Roll (Produced by Bloodshy, Henrik Jonback and Magnus)
6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful featuring Sabi (Produced by Benny Blanco, Ammo, JMIKE and Billboard)
7. Seal It With A Kiss (Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Dream Machine)
8. Big Fat Bass featuring (Produced by
9. Trouble For Me (Produced by Fraser T Smith)
10. Trip To Your Heart (Produced by Bloodshy, Henrik Jonback and Magnus)
11. Gasoline (Produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco)
12. Criminal (Produced by Max Martin and Shellback)

Deluxe Version:
13. Up N’ Down (Produced by Max Martin, Shellback and Oligee)
14. He About To Lose Me (Produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins)
15. Selfish (Produced by Stargate, and Sandy Vee)
16. Don't Keep Me Waiting (Produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins)

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Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor [Music Video Premiere]

Putting most pop performers to shame is Jennifer Lopez who has just premiered the video for her newest hit - On The Floor. Pitbull, as usual, was sitting around with a couple of scantily clad women surrounding him. But of course, that doesn't take away from the real star of this video - J. Lo herself. The video starts with Jennifer exiting a black car and entering the club where she gets 'on the floor' and starts dancing around, attracting attention from the club owner - J. Lo herself, and Pitbull.

However, I could've dealt with a lot more fierce dancing from J. Lo, which is why I was anticipating to watch this clip so much.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Big News: Britney premieres new single cover!

Still looking cleaned up and subtly sexy is Britney on her new single cover for her next single Till The World Ends. Yeah she's hot. And so are the new snippets that she's been releasing. FIERCE. And it's been announced that she will do GMA and that in her recent interview in V Magazine, Britney addressed her lack of being in the media spotlight even though she's got music out - she wants to have a life away from her life with her kids, she says. I do believe Britney is a good mum, and being a multi-platinum recording artist isn't the only thing that's dominating her life right now. She says she'll let the "music speak for itself". Well, Femme Fatale is shaping up to be one hot record, I'll give you that.

Check out a teaser of Till The World Ends below!

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Big News: Nicole Scherzinger unveils album cover!

Nicole Scherzinger has been trying for a solo career for so long now that getting a #3 hit in the UK with Poison and then with a new single to boot plus this album cover for her debut album Killer Love, it seems the former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman is finally moving ahead with her solo career in pop music. She looks gorgeous as usual, and it's simple, but I'm hoping she can really have some killer stuff on the album because she does deserve solo success. The album will be released March 21st in the UK and you can check out the tracklisting below:

1. Poison
2. Killer Love
3. Don't Hold Your Breath
4. Right There
5. You Will Be Loved
6. Wet
7. Say Yes
8. Club Banger Nation
9. Power's Out
10. Desperate
11. Everybody
12. Heartbeat (feat. Enrique Iglesias) [Rudi Wells' Open Heart Remix]
13. Casualty
14. AmenJena

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Big News: Colbie Caillat announces new album details!

Above is the official artwork for Colbie Caillat's upcoming third disk All Of You. First single I Do is out now.

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Big News: JoJo announces new album title "Jumping Trains"!

I almost peed myself with excitement watching this. JoJo has released a new video on YouTube to announce some exciting news. Her third album was set to be All I Want Is Everything for a long time coming, but has decided that Jumping Trains would be more representative of the entire album, thinking of the changes that took place from her last two albums to her latest release with a tentative release date of later this year. She also mentions that Jumping Trains is one of her favourite songs on the album. Also, she says that she'll be shooting the music video for the lead single in the next couple weeks.

GOSH I can barely wait.

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Adele - Chelsea Lately

Adele continued her adorable-ness in an interview with Chelsea Lately where she talked about almost knocking over P. Diddy, confusing Tina Fey with Sarah Palin on SNL, how her ex-boyfriend (who she wrote the album 21 about) is doing, life on the road etc. She did curse a bit but I just think she's hilarious. Somehow, I think her personality is really helping her to shift albums.


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Lady Gaga - Born This Way [Music Video Premiere]

Boy does she have a good marketing team surrounding her. A week after the highly-anticipated debut of her new single Born This Way, it debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, opening with digital numbers more than half a million. Then came the performance at the Grammys which helped to push another 500K+ copies of the single, letting it stay atop the Hot 100. This week, we've received the music video, bound to let Born This Way continue its reign on the Hot 100.

But, back to the video. It's obviously Gaga trying to be artistic again, starting off with the birth of a new race, then Gaga stripping unnecessarily down to underwear to dance around. I will admit though, it's a whole lot better than Britney's video/dancing in Hold It Against Me, but that's not saying much. Frankly put, it wasn't the second coming of anything, but it'll keep Born This Way buzzed about that's for sure.

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