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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Emily Osment - Fight or Flight (Album Review)

Not signing with Disney's record label Hollywood Records may have been a good thing for Emily Osment, who stars as Miley Cyrus' sidekick Lily Truscott on the successful Hannah Montana series. It has allowed her to explore different areas of music, regardless of whether they've been successful or not. Fight or Flight sees Osment fully embracing the dance pop trend. I'm not sure it's suited for Osment, though, as apposed to the pop/rock sound we heard on her debut EP All The Right Wrongs.

Fight or Flight opens with the delightful second single Lovesick and trods on mindlessly till the album ends before you even know it. A few tracks do try to save the album, besides the aforementioned Lovesick, there's also the album's first single Let's Be Friends which bleeps and blurps like an arcade yet has a stadium-sized monster of a chorus which soon becomes a guilty pleasure. Among all the ballads, Marisol is a cut above the rest. It manages not to be boring and forgettable like the rest of the slow numbers on the album.

But there's a problem with this collection of songs - there's little to no soul. Unlike Cyrus who does seem like she means what she sings most of the time, it just sounds like Osment made an album of catchy albeit forgettable songs to milk her career further.

Fight or Flight isn't horrible by any measure, and when Osment decides to give you a guilty pleasure of a track, she sure as heck will, but the problem is, will you actually remember the songs on the album the next day? Because I didn't.


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