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Saturday, December 25, 2010
The Saturdays - Headlines! (Album Review)

The music industry has been so slow of late that I've decided to do another review (plus, I haven't done these in a while). If you haven't heard much of The Saturdays, Headlines! is pretty much a worthwhile purchase. Before the girls head out on their sold-out The Headlines Tour next year, Headlines! acts as a bridge between their sophomore album Wordshaker and their next full-length studio album that is set to arrive next year. Nevertheless, Headlines! has three songs that previously appeared on Wordshaker, namely the #2 smash hit Forever Is Over, their second best-selling single after Up called Ego, and a remix of album standout One Shot. Those three tracks are mighty fine but what you really want to know about is the new material.

Well then, the album opens with the ballad Missing You which is in the rein of Selena Gomez & the Scene's A Year Without Rain. It's their best ballad that they've released so far but that's not saying much. Not too bad, yet not quite showstopping. Then there's their current single Higher which seems to be a clear favourite. It's slightly better than Missing You and much more fun which resonates with anyone that loves The Saturdays.

The next new track Died In Your Eyes is a cover of Kristinia DeBarge' track which appeared on her debut album Exposed in 2009. The song itself was a standout on DeBarge' album and thankfully, the girls don't do too much with the track. Producers have messed up this one though, for while it was raw and honest on DeBarge' album, it was rather autotuned on this version which detracts from how honest the track is.

Then we go back to fun with the sassy Karma and Puppet. Karma, while interesting, just doesn't make you want to go out and get it. Nevertheless, if the group should release a third single from Headlines! (which they should), it should be this. It shows attitude and quirk that's missing from previous releases that have caused critics to call the group a blander version of Girls Aloud.

Puppet is a tough one. It's moderately catchy.. And a bit nuts actually. It's a bit naughty, come to think of it. And if they do want to make the headlines and get people talking, this could be the track to do it. Album stunner, though? Not quite.

Headlines! draws you to this conclusion: the girls have so much potential to be as big as Girls Aloud, but were horribly mismanaged during the Wordshaker era, and nothing (that hasn't already been released as a single or appeared on Wordshaker) here sounds like a #1. Hmmmm. I'd still go for Karma to be the next single, but they really need an AMAZING next album. One without filler, and one with the sass of some of Girls Aloud's best work. It's a shame though, Work could've been the track, but for whatever reason, is their lowest charting single in the UK.


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