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Saturday, February 26, 2011
Jessie J - Price Tag live on Graham Norton

Apart from confirming she's bisexual, Jessie J went on some promo this week, performing her UK #1 single Price Tag live on the Graham Norton Show. I think that performance was quite good actually. She gelled with the audience, got them to join in at the bridge. Girl can work the stage that's for sure. And she's got a personality that's for sure. Interview was great.


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Ke$ha - Blow [Music Video Premiere]

Ke$ha cleaned up, got a bit more ridiculous, looks sizzling hot, and has given us an... Interesting video for her new single Blow. At least it didn't take 10 years like the previous video We R Who We R did. And it wasn't about a bunch of dirty people dancing around, grinding, doing all naaaasty things to each other in a club. And the video did have a sense of humour. You know what? I atcually think this isn't half bad. Ha. Oh Ke$ha, how you amuse me.

In case bloody VEVO blocked it in your country, watch it: HERE

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Friday, February 25, 2011
Billboard Update

Lady Gaga is still #1 on the Hot 100 with Born This Way, but surprise surprise. It's not Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Rihanna, P!nk, or Britney Spears snapping at her heels. It's Cee Lo Green with his mega hit single F**k You! skyrocketing to a shocking #2 with an Airplay Gainer title. Rihanna's latest single S&M continues to move up, moving on to a new peak of #7 this week. Justin Bieber collects his second Top 10 hit after his Top 5 hit Baby with Never Say Never moving up to #8, thanks to his movie of course. Britney Spears continues slipping with Hold It Against Me falling to #11. Notice how the music video didn't help the song rise after gradually falling. Avril Lavigne's What the Hell has also slipped a little, falling to #13 after hitting a peak of #11 last week. However, Christina Perri's going anywhere but down, flying up to a new peak of #21 with Jar of Hearts. Dang. What has that girl been doing? Adele's chart domination continues with Rolling In The Deep leaping to #26 this week. This week's album week. Expect Rolling In The Deep to fly even higher up next week. Katy Perry's fourth single E.T. which features the irrelevant verses from Kanye West has crashed the Billboard Hot 100 at #28 this week. Well, it's re-entered. It was released as a promo single prior the release of Teenage Dream last year. Ke$ha's also on her way up with current single Blow reaching #32 this week. Another week, another Glee episode. Last week's songs have reached the Hot 100 with Baby, Sing, Take Me Or Leave Me, Somebody To Love debuting at #47, #49, #51, #62 respectively while their previous cover of Forget You re-enters at #90 and Firework slips to #95. With little to no promotion, Colbie Caillat's new single I Do has fallen to #96. Thanks to the powers of VEVO and YouTube, Jessie J's still on the Hot 100, with Price Tag rising a spot to #99 this week. Get promoting, girl.

Over on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, Justin Bieber's Never Say Never: The Remixes bows at #1, this being his second #1 album. The rest? Nothing interesting to note, really.

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Adele - Someone Like You live @ Ellen

British singer/songwriter Adele has been in the US to plug her sophomore album 21 and with a cool promotional line-up, 21's set to hit #1 on the Albums Chart on Billboard 200. Dropping by the Ellen Show for a second time this year, Adele performed a jaw-dropping, stunning, bloody amazing etc. rendition of the piano-driven ballad Someone Like You. To be honest, I felt it was even better than the performance at the BRIT Awards. That was just amazing. Flawless.


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Jennifer Hudson - Where You At [Music Video Premiere]

Critically-acclaimed singer/actress Jennifer Hudson's music video for her brand new single Where You At just premiered and to be honest, in this era, you can't not mention how amazing J. Hud looks. But besides that, the video was really nice with lots of beautiful scenes and was shot in her home city of Chicago. Let's just hope this doesn't flop amidst the dance/pop trend.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011
Big News: Ke$ha announces new remix album!

While Ke$ha's playing dates on her sold out Get $leazy Tour, it appears Ke$ha has taken a leaf out of Gaga's book again and has decided to release a remix album titled I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance: The Remix Album on the 22nd of March, in a similar way Lady Gaga did with The Fame Remix album she did after the release of The Fame Monster, once again highlighting the blatant copy of Gaga's marketing move, this coming after Animal + Cannibal.

Tsk, K$. Thought you were more original than that. Check out the cover and tracklisting below.

1. Blow (Cirkut Remix)
2. Sleazy (Featuring Andre 3000)
3. TiK Tok (Untold Remix)
4. F**k Him He’s A DJ
5. Animal (Switch Remix)
6. Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Audé Club Remix)
7. We R Who We R (Fred Falke Club Remix)
8. Take It Off (Billboard Remix)
9. TiK Tok (Chuck Buckett’s Veruca Salt Remix)
10. Blah Blah Blah (Featuring 3OH!3) [DJ Skeet Skeet Radio Remix]

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Big News: Listen to Avril Lavigne's new album!

After a rather long hiatus due to her record label, pop/punk princess is back and you can now listen to her upcoming album Goodbye Lullaby is full! The album marks her fourth studio album, and she said that she wants to go the acoustic/pop route again, a sound that many fans would resonate with - it was the sound that dominated her music from her first two albums after all. After a shift into the poppier side of the spectrum with her third album The Best Damn Thing, Lavigne has now returned. It's not as acoustic/pop/rock as she'd have you believe.

It seems Lavigne has found the balance between her first two albums and her third album. Most songs do have an acoustic background, but are layered with a pop gloss on it. At least she's not stuck in 2007 like Jessica Mauboy. Anyway, some songs that I'm really liking are Wish You Were Here and Remember When. At least upon first listen. Most songs on the album are anthemic with big, sweeping choruses, with a few exceptions like Everybody Hurts, 4 Real, Darlin' and Goodbye. And the Max Martin productions on this album are easy to handpick as they have the poppiest production.

Goodbye Lullaby as a whole, is solid, but to be honest, it wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. I was really hoping for a stripped down record, honest and just, amazing. And properly harking back to her older music. Make no mistake, this is still a step in the right direction. But I do admit I did expect a little more..

Check it out for yourself below!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Big News: Girls Aloud to reunite for 2012 World Tour!

Girls Aloud may be made up of 5 gorgeous ladies from the UK, but that doesn't mean they aren't 5 very smart, talented and gorgeous ladies. It appears that Cheryl, Sarah, Nicola, Nadine and Kimberley might be getting back after all! A source says:

The group aim to "capitalise" on Cheryl Cole's rumoured position on The X Factor USA by planning the global gigs.

"Early next year is pencilled in for the reunion tour," a source told the paper. "It's going to be absolutely massive. Cheryl could be a US superstar by then if her appearance on American X Factor goes according to plan this autumn, so they want to capitalise on that.

"It will also be the band's 10-year anniversary in 2012, so the timing is just perfect."

They added: "And with Sarah's wedding being the showbiz marriage of the year, the girls will be back to the height of their fame again."

Concrete, smart plan. Of course, everything's riding on Cheryl Cole's success in the US, but if the US don't accept her, I'm sure there'll be thousands and thousands of fans who aren't from the UK who'd really love for this to happen. I'm just hoping that this isn't just an exaggerated rumour, but since it has been reported by the reliable Digital Spy so I'm counting on this to be true.

And remember, Girls Aloud are still contractually obligated to release three more albums, and it looks like the girls are setting their sights on the entire world. This makes me very bloody excited.

Oh ho. The Saturdays may be the 'it' girl group for now, but they'd better step it up if they want to compete beside Girls Aloud.

In other GA-news, well, Cheryl Cole news, she has mentioned that she's all about the British pop scene right now, and is itching to get back into the studio and has cancelled all plans for the Dizzee Rascal-assisted track Everyone to be released as the third single. This is good news because while there are one or two solid album tracks left on Messy Little Raindrops, none are single-worthy. And I'm sure she wouldn't want to flop again.. After all, her last single The Flood peaked at a measly #18, along with other "final singles" from other British pop acts such as Alexandra Burke's The Silence and The Wanted's Lose My Mind that failed to match past successes.

But just to remind you how great Girls Aloud is, here's just a couple videos..

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Big News: Avril Lavigne subtly disses RCA. Again.

RCA/Jive have been getting shittier and shittier lately, and they've put many of their talented artists on the backburner - including one that is Avril Lavigne who's clearly unhappy. The Canadian singer/songwriter sat down with Digital Spy to do an interview, and when questioned about the year-long delay of upcoming album Goodbye Lullaby, Lavigne quipped: "Because my record company were being a typical record company and trying to give me their version of how it should be - trying to get me to go in a different direction. I had to fight with them over and over. I was like, 'No, this is a really special record to me and this is what I'm doing'."

Apparently, RCA wanted Lavigne to hop onto the dance/pop train, but she wasn't willing to back down, stating that "Radio's very rhythmic and urban and dance today. I think they wanted me to do something more like that, but that's not what my vision was for this album. I was signed by L.A. Reid on Arista Records when I was 16. He understood me and believed in me. Arista folded and I got put on RCA or whatever, then there were new people there, and every six months it changes and more new people come in. It's funny when someone new comes in and they've got an opinion too."

"I GOT PUT ON RCA OR WHATEVER." Just thought I might put some emphasis on this soon-to-be-classic line.

And Lavigne's also hoping Push will be the album's second single. Ahhh I can't wait for the deeper, more raw stuff! Meanwhile, head on over to Digital Spy to read the whole interview.

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Big News: Leona Lewis to go dubstep with next album?

After Britney Spears brought back dubstep to the mainstream pop music industry, it appears Leona Lewis is to jump on the dubstep bandwagon and follow suit. Uhh.. No. Please no.

Leona was amazing on her debut album and songs like Bleeding Love and Run. I personally do not want an Outta My Head knock off. Apparently, Simon's team have requested songwriters to "hand them dubstep and dance tracks with traditional lyrics for the X Factor winner," a source told Heatworld.

"And they’ve specifically stated 'no ballads'," they added.

NO BALLADS. No ballads. That's like saying Taylor Swift and Ke$ha should swap music genres forever. Simon Cowell.. What are you doing?! But of course, Leona will do anything Cowell tells her to, and if it's no ballads, then it's no ballads for this ballad singer.

Ugh. Leona, please don't sell out and create a Run Part 2 with HURTS please. Please.

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Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean - Don't You Wanna Stay live on The Ellen Show

Proving just how much Kelly Clarkson needs to return to the pop industry and shine with Adele, she performed Don't You Wanna Stay with Jason Aldean on The Ellen Show. Don't You Wanna Stay has already gone on to become a huge hit, nicely putting Kelly's name somewhat back in the spotlight. The pair still have little chemistry though, but Kelly's looking great and sounding amazing.


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Adele - Rolling In The Deep live @ The David Letterman Show

After conquering charts all across the world, she's set to do it all again in America. Her sophomore album 21 is set to nab the #1 spot in the US. Of course, she dropped by for some US promo, performing Rolling In The Deep on the David Letterman Show. The single has also been rising consistently since its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 a while ago.


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Friday, February 18, 2011
Billboard Update

No surprises there, Lady Gaga has nabbed the top spot on the Hot 100 with Born This Way, becoming the 1000th song to ever top the chart. Thanks to the amazing talent that is Lea Michele covering Firework on Glee, the Katy Perry original has moved up a spot to #2 while P!nk's F**kin' Perfect falls a spot but gets the Digital Gainer Title standing at #5 this week. The Digital Gainer Title goes to Rihanna, flying up to #8 up from #31 while the Black Eyed Peas see a resurgence for The Time (Dirty Bit) thanks to their performance at the Superbowl. Britney Spears rounds out the Top 10 of the Hot 100 this week at #10. Snapping right behind her heels is Avril Lavigne, whose What The Hell has skyrocketed to a new peak of #11 from #23 last week. Colbie Caillat's new single I Do arrives at the Hot 100 at #23. Glee's covers have crashed the Hot 100 again with Firework, Silly Love Songs, When I Get You Alone, Fat Bottomed Girls and P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) arriving at #34, #45, #47, #56 and $58 respectively. Interestingly, their covers last week Thriller/Heads Will Roll, Bills, Bills, Bills and Need You Now have flown up to a new peak of #38, #44 and #62 from their debut at #75, #79 and #72 respectively last week. Even more interestingly, She's Not There failed to chart last week but has arrived at #87 this week. Also flying up the charts is Adele with Rolling In The Deep hitting a new peak of #41 so far. Ke$ha's new single Blow is also on the way up to #51 this week. Justin Bieber's Pray has debuted at #91 while Jessie J has fallen to #100 with Price Tag.

NOW37 has hit the top of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart this week, while Mumford & Sons and Justin Bieber have gained some traction pre-Grammys. Expect a big sales boost after the Grammys next week. Adele's also gaining some steam over on the albums chart, with debut album 19 hitting #68 up from #88.

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Jessie J new track: Casualty of Love

Ditching the urban sounds in Do It Like A Do and the summery feel-good feelings in Price Tag, Jessie J is charging ahead with a new single release - Casualty of Love, making it the third single. While Jessie J is enjoying her second week at #1 with Price Tag remaining at the top of the UK Singles Chart, the single which debuted at #88 last week has dropped to #100 on the Hot 100 and considering she hasn't done any promotion at all, it's fine.

Casualty of Love is fine enough, but to be honest, it's not THAT great. Her debut album Who You Are will be available April in the States.

Download Link: HERE
Download Link 2: HERE


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Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me [Music Video Premiere]

That was fierce. But first and foremost, the thing you'd notice about Britney Spears' video for new single Hold It Against Me is how much product placement there is present. It's all the rage these days and Britney has decided to display her Radiance fragance and A WHOLE LOT of product placement for Sony.

I do admit, it got a little cringey seeing Britney do some awkward dance moves, but I did appreciate the fact that it wasn't based in a club although the song is really about two people in a club. But it was interesting seeing her breakout into a "fight" by the time the song hit the dubstep part. Body double? You never know. But that was pretty good.

Let's just hope she BRINGS it in the live performances.

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OneRepublic - Good Life [Music Video Premiere]

A video for OneRepublic's upcoming single Good Life premiered a while back so it did take me by surprise that another video has surfaced. Well, it's not a COMPLETELY new video, they just added in some effects. Nice effects, but there's not much of a difference and if you've already watched the first version, there's not much point in watching this one. I'll bet it'll be another slowburner hit for them.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011
Katy Perry new track: E.T. (ft. Kanye West)

The fourth single from one of pop music's biggest stars Katy Perry, has roped in Kanye West to rap on her track E.T.. To be honest, I think his verses are completely pointless, and I can bet radio will wear it out like they did with her other singles this era. Don't even get me started on Firework. Well, another hit is always good in Katy's books, especially since Gaga, Britney and Beyonce are all returning this year, the Katys and Rihannas need to step it up. This Kanye addition probably means a Teenage Dream re-release, and I won't be surprised if it happens. Check out the single cover below.

Download Link: HERE
Download Link 2: HERE
Download Link 3: HERE


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Big News: 30 second HIAM teaser!

It's a 30 second preview of the video for Hold It Against Me. That is all.


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Miranda Cosgrove - Dancing Crazy [Music Video Premiere]

I'm not deny the catchiness of this song. I'm also not going to deny this wasn't as great as Kissin' U. I'm also not going to deny the video was bland, boring, and just alright to be honest.

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Avril Lavigne - What The Hell live @ Daybreak

Avril Lavigne popped over to the UK to do some handy promotion for What The Hell, performing it on Daybreak and presenting an award at the BRITs Awards. But first, the Daybreak performance. It was quite okay and though she didn't quite nail the end of that performance, it was rather early in the morning.. The interview was better, and it shows Lavigne genuinely is a little tomboy at heart.


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Rihanna - Only Girl/S&M/What's My Name medley live @ BRITs Awards

Adele wasn't the only superstar the BRITs managed to bag.. Alongside the Rolling In The Deep singer was pop megastar Rihanna who performed a medley of her singles released from Loud so far. The performance was okay.. Some of the camera angles on S&M weren't very flattering but hey, girl won a BRIT award so that's gotta stand for something..


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Jennifer Hudson - Where You At live @ Ellen

The States' Adele, Jennifer Hudson, has been doing the promotional rounds to plug her new album and single Where You At and I Remember Me respectively. This is quite similar to her Oprah performance, except she did take things up a notch when she reached the belting part of the song where she SAAAAANG as usual. And she does have a lot more chemistry with Ellen than Oprah, where it felt more like awkwardness than anything.


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Adele - Someone Like You live @ The BRITs

The gorgeous Adele doesn't have to strip to the shortest mini skirt,, flash some cleavage, or jump on to the pop/dance trend to be one of the biggest stars in the planet right now. In fact, her sophomore album 21 is ALL OVER the charts right now and you can expect her to do the same over in North America as well.

Some nice promotion back in the UK (as if she needed it) was at the BRITs Awards, where she performed an emotional version of album track Someone Like You, and almost broke into tears near the end of the song. Then, she received an outstanding reception - this and her chart success proves that ultimately, by not selling out, she's been doing far better than her pop contemporaries.


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Big News: The Saturdays announce filmed London gig!

Amidst good reviews for their sold-out UK tour, the Headlines Tour, UK's biggest girl group of the moment The Saturdays have announced that their tour date in London will be filmed! This is confirmation amidst many rumours about a filmed gig - either for a DVD or a television show/special - like how they did with their reality tv series The Saturdays 24:7.

So, you can expect to hear stuff like this in high quality. FINALLY.

Source: HERE

Also, Mollie and Una both took to Twitter to update fans about their upcoming full-length third album which is supposedly coming out this year, with Mollie saying "Recording a MASSIVE tune!!!!! Ahh exciting!!", just a couple moments before Una tweeted "Heading into the studio to record a banging track! :)". Interesting stuff. Let's hope they get really GREAT material now.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011
Big News: Watch J.Lo's teaser of her new video!

Thanks to Just Jared, you can now see a teaser of Jennifer Lopez' upcoming music video for On The Floor. Dang, she's looking smoking. And she looks like she's got that dancing nailed down to. Does she ever get old? Looks interesting.

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Big News: Britney's new teasers!

Are you getting tired of waiting for Britney's new music video for Hold It Against Me? FRET NOT! I've got the entire music video right here! LOL JK. Here's teaser #8 which shows the pop icon knocking someone out. I'd suppose her name might start with Lady and end with Gaga. In Teaser #7 below, Britney goes all glamorous on us. Looking hot.

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Billboard Update

Wiz Khalifa's Black And Yellow has taken over the Hot 100, and thus shoves Bruno Mars' Grenade down to #2, and trailed behind by Katy Perry's Firework and P!nk's F**kin' Perfect at #3 and #4 respectively. Unfortunately, Britney continues to slip down, rounding out the Top 10 with Hold It Against Me. No fear, her music video premieres soon.. Moving up a spot is Avril Lavigne with What The Hell rising to #22 this week. Moving rapidly up the charts (despite getting lots of flack for its music video) is Rihanna and S&M flying up the charts to a new peak of #31 this week with the Digital Gainer Title. Also rising is Adele and Rolling In The Deep, peaking at #64 this week, alongside Ke$ha whose latest single has moved up to #66. The Glee Cast are back on the Hot 100, debuting at #72, #75, #79 with Need You Now, Thriller/Heads Will Roll, Bills, Bills, Bills. Jessie J meanwhile, makes her own mark on the Hot 100, debuting at #88 with Price Tag.

Nicki Minaj rises to a new peak of #1 over on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart with debut album Pink Friday. Also rising are Bruno Mars and Rihanna, with Doo-Wops & Hooligans and Loud rising to #4 and #5 respectively. Over on the other end, P!nk's Funhouse re-enters at #194.

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Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath [Music Video Premiere]

It's so nice to see things moving forward with Nicole Scherzinger's solo career. After a #3 peak with Poison, she isn't going to let things slow down just yet, with a recent premiere of her new single Don't Hold Your Breath, a radio-friendly pop ditty which should work in her favour. Granted, neither the video or the song is far from groundbreaking, things could be much worse. And she looks incredible in this video, especially with those scenes where there's wind blowing in her hair. This is unlike the oddity of the little catsuit she donned on for Poison. Cute, but no.

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Jessica Mauboy - What Happened To Us [Music Video Premiere]

Aussie pop/R&B princess recently came under fire for her tacky looking music videos - namely Get 'Em Girls and Saturday Night, which looked like they were made with a $5 promotional budget. Thus, Mauboy has taken a complete turn with her new single's music video What Happened To Us. It's my favourite cut from Jess' album and I think this could really turn out to be a hit for her. She needs to stay away from the dated R&B bangers and keep releasing pop all the way if she wants her singles/album to do well. N'awww, she looks so pretty.

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Jennifer Hudson - Where You At live @ Oprah

The always amazing Jennifer Hudson graced The Oprah Show to sit down for a brief interview where Oprah kept cutting her (for goodness knows why) where they talked about her weight loss, her child, her music, and the family tradgedy that struck quite some time ago. She may have gotten a little teary-eyed during the interview but she took it to the next level during her performance of Where You At - the lead single lifted from her sophomore album I Remember Me. Needless to say, she did AMAZING. Check out her performance above and the interview below.


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Big News: Jennifer Hudson will open the Grammys alongside many others for an Aretha Franklin tribute!

A superstar line-up that includes Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, Martina McBride and gospel singer Yolanda Adams are confirmed to open the Grammys with an Aretha Franklin tribute of five songs. They will open with Natural Woman, before each took on their own Aretha tune. During the rehearsal, Christina was first with Ain’t No Way, Martina sang Until You Come Back to Me next, then Florence followed with Think.

Jennifer took on Respect and Yolanda finished things up with Spirit in the Dark. The ladies then all closed with the Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves.

MTV was there to interview Jennifer for a bit and she said that "Rehearsals are going, and went, very well. It’s a lot of fun, and just being amongst the other ladies and being around some of my favorite artists, and then tributing Aretha Franklin, it’s just like surreal. And it’s a moment you just have to take in and enjoy it, and I’m like on cloud nine just in that moment."

When it came to song selection, Jennifer mentions that they were chosen for them. "I know that had to be the hardest job because Aretha has like catalogues of music. And I remember when they asked me to submit a list and I’m like, 'Oh my God! Where do I start?'"

Check out the video below. These ladies are going *slides into a Randy Jackson-esque claim* "to blow it out the box".

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Big News: Jessie J reveals album teaser!

English singer/songwriter Jessie J is gearing up for the release of her highly-anticipated debut album Who You Are which has a tentative release date of February 28th in the UK and plans for a stateside release will be in April. Judging by that time, they'll probably give Jessie a month or two to blow up in the States which will be easy judging by the hype she's been getting.

Anyway, Jessie has premiered 30 second clips of each track from the album, and basically what you can hear is an incredibly commercial sound which isn't far from what I was expecting. You can bet this will be a hit.

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Lady Gaga new track: Born This Way

It's fun. It's happy. It's catchy. It's therefore a little insincere. Lady Gaga has returned to make her mark on the pop world once again with Born This Way. I was expecting a ballad. But if it was a ballad, it wouldn't be happy. It would therefore reveal some horrible lines in the lyrics.

It's definitely gonna be a hit. I'll be interested to see the music video and Grammy performance. No wonder Glee liked this.. It's so happy.

Download Link: HERE
Download Link 2: HERE
Download Link 3: HERE


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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Big News: New Leighton Meester track surfaces online!

Let's face it. Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester's debut solo pop album will never see the light of day unless she manages to somehow churn out a hit from this project. Everything we've heard so far sounds very promising - including her debut single Somebody To Love and second single Your Love's A Drug. A new track called Front Cut surfaced online recently, and it just proves Leighton can dish out a killer pop track. Unfortunately, her success (or lack thereof) as a pop star isn't exactly what you'd call headline hitting for the right reasons, I blame all this on lousy promotion. Did we ever get a major performance from her? NEVER.

Not even for the VERYBLOODYFANTASTIC Your Love's A Drug. I DO NOT approve.

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Miranda Cosgrove live on The Today Show

Teen star Miranda Cosgrove on the Today Show to plug her new single Dancing Crazy and the upcoming mini-album High Maintanance. At first listen, Dancing Crazy is a complete What the Hell-knockoff, but it is co-written by Avril Lavigne after all. If I'm being completely honest, it's fun, it's young, it's free-spirited.. But it's not as surprisingly good as Kissin' U, the severely underpromoted radio-friendly song that put Miranda on the map as a music star. Make no mistake, it's catchy, but it's not great or in your face like What The Hell.

I've decided not to post the album cover because all the others floating around on the net are of horrid quality and if you want one, you can get it anywhere anyway.


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Big News: Allison Iraheta talks new music & going forward

Allison Iraheta is not a red head anymore. *SCREAMS* Nevertheless, Iraheta got rid of the red hair which she has been so associated with in favour of a new brunette do. Her natural hair colour is brunette by the way. Anyway, she was recently snapped on the red carpet of Estilo con Causa 2, where Allison performed.

What I'm most surprised at is Allison's transformation, and it's not just the hair. There's a newfound maturity in that girl and she doesn't trip over her words, get all awkward etc. Which is what many people have been so off-put by. Not me though. But it's nice to see Allison so.. Happy. And positive. With the entire dropped from label bullcrap that surrounded her the second half of the year last year.

Looks like she's really moving forward. She describes the new music as darker, grittier and edgier.

Is it possible to love this girl more? Never thought so, but I stan for her even more now.

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Big News: Lady Gaga releases "Born This Way" single cover!

I know I haven't exactly been on the front of Lady Gaga's single/album news but to say I never liked her would be a lie. She has created some pop gems, the best of them all being Paparazzi. In fact, I liked the entire The Fame era where she was contemporary, humble, sweet and just good really. I was just alright with The Fame Monster but that might change with a new album in the pipeline. Or not. Nevertheless, Gaga announced some lyrics (or all?) of the words to the upcoming single Born This Way. They were completely and utterly cheesy. But there was a line that stood out for me - "Don't be a drag, be a queen" which I thought was a brilliant play on words.

Nevertheless, I'm anticipating to see how this era will pan out for one of the most anticipated releases this year. And that single cover you see above, I actually think it doesn't look too bad.

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Big News: Jennifer Hudson's new album cover!

A newly svelte Jennifer Hudson keeps that figure workin' on the album cover of her upcoming sophomore album I Remember Me which has tentative release date of March 22nd. Plenty of time for the album's first single Where You At to impact then. But though I don't have very high hopes for the first single, let's hope the A-list collaborators (Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, R.Kelly, Ryan Tedder & Diane Warren among others) can bring some shine to the album. Some contemporary, pop stuff. She does look amazing here though.

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Big News: Rihanna announces North American Tour!

The inevitable has come. Pop megastar Rihanna as announced a string of dates in North America for a Loud Tour. I'm expecting this to be the first leg before she announces more dates for a fullblown world tour. But the fact that the dates (so far) start in June, this would mean ample time for S&M to die down before she releases a fourth single just before she heads out on tour. Check out the North American released dates below.

June 4 - Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
June 7 - Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
June 28 - Los Angeles, CA Staples
June 30 - Oakland, CA Oracle Arena
July 19 - Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center
July 21 - East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
July 23 - Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum

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Big News: Britney releases new teasers!

Pardon me for my absence, but I had quite a mindful of stuff that past two days. Nevertheless, Britney, in the meantime, released two more little teasers. Dang she's looking hot. This time, you saw two scenes in the fifth teaser above. She's still got it without a doubt. In the sixth teaser below, you see the setting for one of the scenes where she'll most likely be 'performing'. I think the whole video will be Britney doing something like a live performance in this video with a couple close ups. Not too long now!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Big News: Avril Lavigne releases album credits!

Oh. My. God. To say this is making me incredibly excited for Goodbye Lullaby is a serious understatement. Thanks to Digital Spy, you can now view Lavigne's full album credits. 2 Max Martin-produced tracks made the album - first single What The Hell and Smile, so I'm expecting that one to be uptempo and happy as well.

Check them all out below:
1. 'Black Star' - Avril Lavigne, Deryck Whibley
2. 'What the Hell' - Lavigne, Max Martin, Shellback
3. 'Push' - Lavigne, Evan Taubenfeld, Whibley
4. 'Wish You Were Here' - Lavigne, Martin, Shellback
5. 'Smile' - Lavigne, Martin, Shellback
6. 'Stop Standing There' - Lavigne, Whibley
7. 'I Love You' - Lavigne, Martin, Shellback
8. 'Everybody Hurts' - Lavigne, Taubenfeld, Whibley
9. 'Not Enough' - Lavigne, Taubenfeld, Whibley
10. '4 Real' - Lavigne 3:28
11. 'Darlin' - Lavigne, Whibley
12. 'Remember When' - Lavigne, Whibley
13. 'Goodbye' - Lavigne
14. 'Alice' (hidden track) - Lavigne, Butch Walker

Deluxe edition bonus tracks

15. 'What the Hell' (Acoustic) - Lavigne, Martin, Shellbeck
16. 'Push' (Acoustic) - Lavigne, Taubenfeld
17. 'Wish You Were Here' (Acoustic) - Lavigne, Martin, Shellbeck
18. 'Bad Reputation' - Joan Jett, Ritchie Cordell, Kenny Laguna, Marty Joe Kupersmith

GOSH I AM SO GETTING THIS WHEN IT COMES OUT. PS. There's a cover of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation, if you haven't realised. AHHHHH.

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Big News: JoJo's return to music to be preceded by "Sexy To Me"

JoJo was back in Boston recently to do a gig and one of the songs covered by a random news site was a song called Sexy To Me, which sounds pretty good from the video. Her album is still tentatively titled All I Want Is Everything which I don't think will change. Ahhh I want new JoJo music now!

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Big News: Britney premieres more teasers!

Pardon me for my absence yesterday, I didn't have time. Nevertheless, Britney premiered two more videos (yesterday's and today's). Check out yesterday's above, which shows old Britney playing in some of the TVs in the video. As for teaser #4 below, it shows Brit Brit looking fierce with a bunch of shirtless male dancers. Girl's looking

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Sunday, February 6, 2011
Avril Lavigne - Elle interview

Avril Lavigne is still in Japan for promotion and a video has surfaced online of her interview with Elle where Avril sits down. In the interview, she talks about how she wrote half of the album's songs all by herself, and that she produced some of the music. The most personal song on the album to her is Goodbye, the album closer which she describes as very personal and dear to her. I'm really anticipating the sound of this album.


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Big News: Britney Spears premieres second 5 second teaser video

Pop icon Britney Spears unveiled the second 5 second teaser video for her video for Hold It Against Me. This time, you actually got a 2 second close up. Looking gorgeous and futuristic. This video's gonna be a good one.

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The Wanted - All Time Low live on Graham Norton

The Wanted were on the Graham Norton Show to perform their BRIT-nominated single All Time Low, followed by a short interview afterwards. Of course, the fivesome did okay and it was just the usual The Wanted performance. Yes, the music industry is painfully slow these days.


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Friday, February 4, 2011
Billboard Update

Bruno Mars is still on top the Hot 100 with Grenade at #1 for a second consecutive week, meanwhile stopping P!nk in her tracks as F**kin' Perfect settles for #2, getting the Digital Gainer title. Meanwhile, Britney Spears' Hold It Against Me slips another 2 spots to #8 despite getting the Airplay Gainer title. On the way up is Taylor Swift with Back To December hitting #18 up from #22 last week. Also on her way up is Christina Perri, with Jar of Hearts dancing higher and higher to reach an all time high of #22. After a rather steep fall downwards last week, Avril Lavigne's What The Hell regains some steam to re-enter the Top 25 at #24 this week. Two ladies with rising singles are Rihanna with S&M and Adele with Rolling In The Deep moving up to #66 and #69 respectively. Ke$ha's latest single Blow re-enters the Hot 100 at #96 this week, making a new peak at the same time.

On the Billboard 200, Amos Lee's Mission Bell bows at #1 while Nicki Minaj flies up to #3 with Pink Friday getting the Greatest Gainer title. While Adele's 19 surges back up to #4 over in the UK, she's doing the same over in the US as 19 flies up to #57, an astounding 50 spots up from last week.

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Big News: Britney Spears premieres 5 second teaser video

After upcoming album Femme Fatale has been trending on Twitter for 2 days, Britney Spears has released a 5 second teaser in anticipation of the video for record breaking #1 smash international single that is Hold It Against Me. Okay, okay. The 5 seconds doesn't tell you much, but she does look pretty..

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Big News: The Saturdays go on their sold out Headlines! Tour

So. If you were wondering how the UK's premiere girlband The Saturdays are doing kicking off the start of their sold-out Headlines! Tour, I've gathered a nifty bite-sized on the reviews so far. It looks pretty much so far, so good.

Daily Mail reported that the girls "couldn't stop smiling throughout the entire set." and opened the show "in Eighties-style florescents, denim waistcoats, crop tops and hot pants" and they had "several costume changes". At one point, the girls "grabbed a bunch of different coloured helium balloons each to perform their single 'Up'."

Meanwhile, Digital Spy mentioned that the girls did a Rihanna medley consisting of Love The Way You Lie, Only Girl (In The World) and What's My Name.

Head on over to the official website if you want to view pictures.

Also, the girls premiered a new track live called Turn Myself In. The introduction and Vanessa's voice are heavenly and epic. But as it progresses, the average quality of the track sets in and pretty much ruins everything.

I'll definitely need to hear one of a higher quality before I can properly judge it though. But if you can't wait till then, here's a handy download link: HERE.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011
Shakira - Sale El Sol [Music Video Premiere]

It took her about 10 years but the video for Shakira's second single Sale El Sol off her latest album of the same name. It's nice enough, but a tad bland. It just shows Shakira running around in search of a sun, and performing with her band in falling snow. Pretty. But if I'm being honest, I'm losing interest in the Latin American superstar.

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Jessie J - Live @ Koko Pop "MTV's Brand New For 2011"

British singer/songwriter Jessie J was on Koko Pop where she played a half hour set (from one I've seen on YouTube) for MTV's Brand New For 2011. Two songs were filmed - Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag. The audience pipped in on Do It Like A Dude which is always nice. Check out Do It Like A Dude above and Price Tag below.


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Big News: Jessie J set for #1? Releases dates for tour

As the week progresses, the UK Singles Chart midweeks will be released. As per normal, the first midweeks yesterday saw Mr. Bruno Mars at top spot with Grenade, but Jessie J has overtaken the American singer/songwriter with her own single Price Tag which features American rapper B.o.B. today. If this stays at the top long enough, the BRIT Award winner will bag her very first #1 in the UK after her debut single Do It Like A Dude peaked at #2.

This isn't the latest happening in the world of Jessie J as she recently announced her very own headlining tour - the Stand Up Tour. Dates are as follows:

- 31st March - Glasgow, Academy
- 1st April - Bristol, Academy
- 2nd April - Birmingham, Academy
- 4th April - Manchester, Academy
- 5th April - London, Shepherd's Bush Empire
- 7th April - Dublin, Academy
- 9th April - Belfast, Mandela Hall

Tickets for the tour will be available on pre-sale from Wednesday February 2 before going on general sale at 9am on Friday February 4.

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Big News: Britney's new album is called..

The pop icon that is Britney Spears doesn't need to do any promotion to go platinum. All the original pop princess has to do is send out a couple of tweets and she's set. Which is exactly what she's been doing. She revealed the cover of #1 smash hit Hold It Against Me and has done the same for her upcoming seventh studio album now confirmed by Spears herself to be called Femme Fatale. The gorgeous single/album/promotional pictures and covers just keep on rollin'..

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Rihanna - S&M [Music Video Premiere]

Rihanna's latest video S&M premiered a while back. And if I'm being completely honest, I didn't like it. At all. It's like a more colourful version of Christina Aguilera's Not Myself Tonight. It looks like the producers were stuck between fun and playful and creepy. Plus, the weird Perez Hilton's got his creepy face on the video which made it very very creepy to watch.

Just, no. I like the song. But this was awful.

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