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Friday, September 3, 2010
Big News: American Idol tour ends

After a less than stellar season 9, American Idol is looking to spice things up for the next Season. But most of all, what Idol needs ultimately is fresh talent. I think I've seen quite enough of male singers with a guitar in hand. Oh. In some Idol news, it appears that the rumour mill has started again with Steven Tyler an apparent done deal for Idol (Urgh..) and J.Lo has also signed on (Oh ho, will Mariah & Kara be so ever disappointed..) to judge the new Season of talent. Nothing much has really surrounded Randy Jackson's position on the judging table so I assume he's resuming his role on the panel. But however, while the Top 3 of Season 9 have all secured recording deals with major labels, the rest.. Well. We'll see. Well, now that the tour is officially over, it means Michael Lynche, Tim Urban, Siobhan Magnus and Andrew Garcia are probably going to end up as Idol rejects while the others still have a bit of chance to make it big in the industry. Make no mistake, I love those 4, but do we really see them making it big in the industry? Michael Lynche? Err.. Nope. Tim? Needs more substance. Siobhan? Where oh where can she possibly fit in the industry? Andrew? One of a billion YouTube stars. Just a tad too bland for my liking.

Now, watch 17 year old Katie Stevens strut her stuff on Christina Aguilera's Fighter. Or headbanding on Demi Lovato's Here We Go Again.

Someone sign her, please. Please. And most importantly, give her good advice.

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