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Thursday, July 23, 2009
JoJo - The High Road (Album Review)

Track Listing:
1. The Way You Do Me
2. Anything
3. This Time
4. Too Little Too Late
5. Let It Rain
6. The High Road
7. Like That
8. Good Ol'
9. Coming For You
10. Exceptional
11. How To Touch A Girl
12. Note To God
13. Do Whatcha Gotta Do (Bonus Track)
14. I Can Take You There (Bonus Track)
15. Too Little Too Late [Spanish Version] (Bonus Track)

JoJo is really very young, but she has mad potential. The High Road's lead single Too Little Too Late featured JoJo's vocal chops and her range really well. She also shows it through other tracks like The High Road, Exceptional, How To Touch A Girl and Note To God. I think she's really an amazing young artist. Her RnB style seperates her from other teen artists like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens. She's also miles ahead of her age. She sings really brilliantly and her albums don't sell on the fact she has a money-making Disney teen show like Hannah Montana called Mojo JoJo. Really, JoJo is one of the best out there for her age, and I really like her albums. She's got a secure future with age-appropriate tracks too. I felt Exceptional and Note To God really meaningful, and her lyrics just speak for themselves. I hope her next album, All I Want Is Everything will be just as good, if not better.


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