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Thursday, July 23, 2009
Colbie Caillat - Coco Deluxe Edition (Album Review)

Track Listing:
1. Oxygen
2. The Little Things
3. One Fine Wire
4. Bubbly
5. Feelings Show
6. Midnight Bottle
7. Realize
8. Battle
9. Tailor Made
10. Magic
11. Tied Down
12. Capri
13. Tell Him (live) [Bonus Track]
14. Kiss The Girl [Bonus Track]
15. Somethin' Special (Beijing Olympic Mix) [Bonus Track]
16. Circles [Bonus Track]
17. Older [Bonus Track]
18. You (with Schiller) [Bonus Track]
19. Turn Your Lights Down Low (live with Justin Young) [Bonus Track]
20. Magic (Piano Version) [Bonus Track]
21. Bubbly (Solo Acoustic) [Bonus Track]

That's a lot of tracks for one album, and Colbie definitely makes it special. This 21 track deluxe edition of Colbie's debut album Coco, includes many new studio recordings and live performances. The one that interests me the most, is Bubbly, the solo acoustic version. That's definitely a delicious track, since Bubbly was such a hit. I wondered how marvellous it would sound acoustic. Definitely didn't let down. The basic 12 tracks from the non-deluxe edition album are great, and the bonus tracks make it so much greater. Colbie's soothing voice is simply amazing.


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