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Friday, July 24, 2009
Vanessa Hudgens - Identified (Album Review)

Track Listing:
1. Last Night
2. Identified
3. First Bad Habit
4. Hook It Up
5. Don't Ask Why
6. Sneakernight
7. Amazed
8. Don't Leave
9. Paper Cut
10. Party On The Moon
11. Did It Ever Cross Your Mind
12. Gone With The Wind

Vanessa Hudgens' second album Identified didn't really impress me. On the cover, she looks a little baby face and distorted, and most of the tracks are rather forgettable. Even the album's lead single Sneakernight is only okay. Another teensy tune that only Vanessa's hardcore fans will love. It's all a bit boring, really. It's nothing like her debut album V, which I happen to prefer by a mile, this is an average album that's absolutely boring and none of the melodies stick to your head except Sneakernight. If you want a teensy album worth the money, go get yourself Ashley Tisdale's Headstrong or Guilty Pleasure.


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