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Friday, July 24, 2009
Adam Lambert - Want (Single Review)

Track Listing:

Who can forget Adam Lambert, the runner-up to Kris Allen in the American Idol finale was quite a shock wasn't it? His screaming, his soulful rendition of Mad World, you have to admit Adam was daringly different. His new single Want, okay maybe not so new, he recorded before Idol and was even planning to release an album. Well his new single, Want is not horrible by any measures, but if he didn't take part in Idol and released that album he probably wouldn't be as famous as he is today. He is one of the hottest stars right now. The fans are definitely waiting in anticipation for his debut album. But this track leaked to the internet a while back. And now, we're here to review it. It is, mainstream, sad to say. He didn't really showcase the vocal prowess he had, but the song had a really nice melody and if he spiced things up, I think that'd be great. This song may or may not appear in the album, but this track is good. Check it out.


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