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Friday, August 5, 2011
Introducing: Katy B + Witches Brew [Music Video Premiere]

It seems as if all the interesting pop music acts are all British at the moment. I've had my eye on this relatively new artist - Katy B - for a while. Her music is a fusion of dubstep, electronica and some hard hitting beats that's definitely for the clubs. But her success isn't just defined by the clubs, as her debut set On A Mission managed to peak at #2 on the UK Albums Chart. Since then, she's released an array of hits, the most recent being the incredible Easy Please Me. However, that seems a little too underground for summer, so the single only managed to hit #25 on the UK Singles Chart. But it's fine because Katy's got a new single on the way.

Witches Brew, another catchy number that's not as brooding as previous singles Katy on a Mission or Easy Please Me, but it's obvious with every single release, she's growing and looking more and more like a full fledged pop star.

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