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Sunday, July 24, 2011
Jessica Mauboy - Inescapable [Music Video Premiere]

So it appears Get 'Em Girls isn't dead yet. Aussie pop diva Jessica Mauboy enjoyed some massive success with her debut album's six successful singles which firmly placed her as Aussie's Stars To Watch. Then she recorded and released the ghetto Beyonce-esque single Get 'Em Girls which was Jessica going all 'look guys, I can really do the urban/dance sexy style of music too!'. But the music video got it all wrong and she fell off the tracks. Quickly, she hopped onto the dance/pop trend and managed to score a Aussie Top 10 hit Saturday Night which eventually went Platinum, then closing the entire album era with album stunner What Happened To Us featuring Jay Sean.

All in all, still underwhelming by Jessica's standards.

But then there were plans to release a new single Inescapable. A brand new album seemed too quick but we're all enlightened now. Jess and her label are planning to relaunch the flop album by injecting some new songs and throwaway remixes we've all heard before. They seemed to have gotten a couple things right so far.

First the single cover for Inescapable, showing off a clean and simple yet sophisticated look. And this continues with the deluxe edition of the Get 'Em Girls album cover below.

Top marks in my books. However, the premiere of the music video for Inescapable is where Jessica faltered again.

It's the kind of track you'd bop along nicely to on the radio when it comes on, but not good enough to make you want to find out what song is playing. Also, even though the video for Inescapable is hardly the train wreck that Get 'Em Girls was, it's way too childish and amateur for me. The track itself is too on some levels in terms of production.

Mmmm, Jess? I'll really need you to get your shit together and release the effing amazing track Dance It Off that leaked earlier this year, thanks.

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