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Friday, July 15, 2011
Big News: Leona Lewis to return with new single 'Collide'

British pop princess Leona Lewis enjoyed colossal success by the millions when her first album Spirit dropped where she was hailed as the British Mariah Carey, mesmerising listeners with her angelic voice. However, her career took a slight detour when Leona was replaced by Leonabot on sophomore album Echo which though sold a decent number of copies in the UK, pretty much everywhere else, no one was really into it.

After two not entirely successful singles, Leona ditched the album and headed to record her upcoming third album, now with a tentative November release date. Previous reports said her upcoming album will be "darker, fiercer, and edgier", and that it would follow the pop/dance trend, and it might even include dubstep.

It appears Leona will be returning to prove herself once again for her make or break third album era, with the new single Collide which she's described as having "all the great ingredients of a summer anthem" and to be released September 4th and the dance/pop track is built around a staccato piano riff and was written by Autumn Rowe while production was placed in the hands of by acclaimed hitmaker Sandy Vee.

Combining all that we know about her album and single news so far, I'm guessing Leona's Collide will go head to head with British girl group's Sugababes new single Freedom, which coincidentally the girls have described as more dark and edgy while the song includes dubstep. Leona may say it could be a summer anthem, but I think it means something like The Saturdays' Notorious, bit more clubby than summery.

British pop music blog Popjustice have tweeted out that Collide is "amazing", and "dancey but not in a crap Guetta sort of way".

Alright then.

UPDATE: Leona's single has premiered and I think I'm just alright with what I'm hearing. Maybe it'll grow on me.

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