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Saturday, July 9, 2011
Nicola Roberts - Beat of My Drum live @ Paul O' Grady

Nicola Roberts was never much of a dancer, but during Girls Aloud's Out of Control Tour, she managed to hold her ground against fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole. However, stepping out on her own as a solo artist means the never shaking confidence of the other girls can't rub off her, and Nicola still seems like a little girl coming out of her shell.

However her solo debut single Beat of My Drum is a confident, summer strutter that should go on to become one of this summer's spanking pop anthems. Nicola hasn't exactly been able to sell this song live without pulling any choreography live on the small stages. But most recently, the Ginger Princess went on the Paul O Grady Show to perform Beat of My Drum which has so far been underperforming on the chart.

She kicked things off with a little acapella intro, hitting a big note to prove all the naysayers wrong. But then the beat kicked in and Nicola crawled back into her shell. I just wish she'd show a personality as colourful as the song when she's performing. However, she did seem a lot happier than usual and smiled more during her interview which you can check out below.


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