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Friday, June 24, 2011
Jennifer Hudson - No One Gonna Love You [Music Video Premiere]

Personally, I did not and still do not enjoy Jennifer Hudson's sophomore record I Remember Me for it leaves me cold in the same way Leona Lewis' second album Echo did. But, unlike Leona, Hudson's doing all the right things this era. Well, minus the album that is. After first single Where You At peaked at a dismal #64 on the Hot 100, hardly the crossover success her debut single Spotlight was, Hudson has decided to charge forward with the second US release No One Gonna Love You.

The music video just premiered and while listening to the album, it never really struck out as an album stunner, I think it's pretty decent and mildly catchy and could do just alright, the same way Where You At did. But this video changes this view entirely. In the clip, Jennifer channels a very Alicia Keys vibe that I love, and I think this is the most unique clip she's ever done. Sure, there's the product placement for BMW's 5 Series GT but it doesn't get to the point where it gets annoying.

There's nothing on the album that will get her a big hit this era, but she could very well straddle along nicely, being the dark horse and going platinum with the album, something most pop divas reigning the Hot 100 are struggling to achieve.

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