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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Britney Spears - I Wanna Go [Music Video Premiere]

Whatever it is that Britney has been doing since her robotic promotional performances for Femme Fatale till now, she should continue. Ever since Till The World Ends had a decent longevity on the charts, Britney seems to have been recharged, playing her Femme Fatale Tour to fantastic reviews, making an effort on stage, and now, the premiere of the I Wanna Go video. The song hasn't charted on the Hot 100 yet, but this video might be the one to do it.

The video starts off with Brit Brit strutting into a press conference before going into a daydream, having fun. Fun. Yes, fun. A word you never thought you could use on Britney again. Here, she actually looks happy. It's yet another video targeted at the ruthless paparazzis, though the British ones are definitely worse.

Still, it's a cool video, and it's nice to see happy Britney.

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