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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor live @ The X Factor France

Jennifer Lopez has experienced a massive career resurgence thanks to American Idol. But now that Season 10 is over, the Triple Threat diva finally has time to do international promotion, with a series of gigs in the UK - So You Think You Can Dance and Summertime Ball, both of which were kinda meh. On the Summertime Ball, JLo didn't sing live, well she did but her mic was turned all the way down while a loud backing track was playing while the So You Think You Can Dance performance didn't have the fireworks her Idol performance did.

However, the stunning Latina turned things around in France, performing On The Floor on The X Factor France. She sang live (or at least a majority of it) while she got the crowd jumping. It was in a similar fashion as what Cheryl Cole did on the UK Show last year performing Promise This. But of course, JLo isn't 25 anymore, and didn't really wring the dancing by the neck, but she got the crowd involved and was electrifying on stage, playing to her strengths.

Alright Jenny, promote On The Floor all across the world, but make sure you return to the States to perform I'm Into You. I'm still hungry for a great performance of that.

Oh, speaking of Jennifer, when questioned whether she was returning to Idol, she recently told BBC Radio 1′s Scott Mills, “I don’t know. I haven’t been forced to make a decision and I’m glad about that because honestly I’m very on the fence about it.”

Of course, her involvement in a revamped American Idol, to me, was a business decision and we should keep in mind the millionaire mother Lopez signed only a one-year deal with the show in October for a reported $12 million. Idol has served it's purpose for JLo, introducing her music to the younger generation who buys records, and I don't think she had very much to say on Idol when it came to giving constructive criticisms, and I don't think she should return to Idol, if only for the fact her career depends on Idol, which it doesn't. But of course she wasn't god-awful like Steven Tyler was, but it's time to move along now, Jen. And doesn't she have a LOVE? World Tour coming up?

But with an empty spot, I'm hoping Cheryl Cole will take that spot instead. There're reports that Cheryl went to Simon Fuller for advice, also known as Simon Cowell's rival in the industry. The two Simons have been at loggerheads for a long time, and if Cheryl does join the Idol panel, which Simon Fuller produces, it'd be a nice way to spite Simon. And I'm all up for giving virtual bitchslaps to Simon after he publicly humiliated the Geordie lass. But it could also be the British tabloids trying to make up some bull, which they are known to do. But I'll be waiting and I'm definitely interested to see if The X Factor US will succeed, the original UK show, now without it's core judges Simon, Cheryl and Dannii Minogue, and whether Jenny will return to Idol next year.

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