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Friday, June 10, 2011
Big News: Katharine McPhee lands new record deal!

Another day, another record deal for Katharine McPhee. The American Idol Season 5 runner-up released her self-titled pop/R&B debut album with RCA Records almost immediately after Idol, her second album Unbroken was more targeted to Adult Contemporary and was released under Verve Forecast along with her first Christmas album Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You. Of course, the latter two albums more than underperformed, but that's no surprise with absolutely rubbish promotion. RCA didn't do any better and the only reason that disc even sold more than 200, 000 copies should be credited to McPhee herself.

Of course, talent reigns, and she could finally get her big break after announcement came today that Kat signed a new solo record deal with Columbia Records after Columbia won a bidding war to land the rights to McPhee's new show Smash. But for McPhee to be a hit, Smash needs to live up to it's name. It currently has a lot of promise, but that could go either way.

Just one thing, Kat? Please return to pop. If you ever want to return to the Hot 100 please do not do show tunes on your Columbia record.

Nevertheless, if you previously missed out the trailer for Smash, you can check it out below.

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