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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Big News: Beyonce premieres new single!

Poor Bey. After flopping harder than the likes of Christina's Not Myself Tonight, her female empowerment anthem Run The World (Girls) is pretty much a gone case right now, and her recently released single 1 + 1 hasn't exactly set the world on fire either. So Bey's doing the let's-pour-out-all-the-new-songs-it's-not-a-shit-album-i-promise tactic to try and save her upcoming album 4 from flopping with a new song called Best Thing I Never Had. It's as generic as they come and totaly and completely devoid of any emotion whatsoever. I don't see this doing really well either. But I do have a confession to make: Run The World (Girls) is growing on me right now. Like I said, poor Bey.

Still, if you can't bear to see Bey flop with yet another single, you can check out her new single below.

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