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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
David Cook - The Last Goodbye [Music Video Premiere]

Previously, David Cook debuted his music video for current single The Last Goodbye on iTunes and it has finally made its way to YouTube. The video for The Last Goodbye isn't exactly something you'd expect, but it is at the same time.

The video starts off all emo, which fits the song's theme, then it pans to Cook at the beach and a scene where he goes towards the water. But it's only after that do things start to get interesting. After that, Cook opens a newspaper with a headline: David Cook Feared Drowned while he remains oblivious to everything else around him. As his love interest calls the cops, his band hears of the news, before Cook suddenly jumps up and everything is all an illusion.

Inception? At least it's entertaining though I see no chance of this becoming a hit on the chart whatsoever.

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