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Friday, May 20, 2011
Avril Lavigne - Smile [Music Video Premiere]

Avril Lavigne has premiered the video for her second single Smile lifted from latest disc Goodbye Lullaby and if you missed the old Avril Lavigne, here she is.

The video starts off with Lavigne playing around with spray paint before jumping around in a white room (a set she personally decorated), the set reminiscent of Lavigne's videos of the past. Of course, it quickly got boring and she moved on to another set (which looks like the set of the video for The Saturdays' Higher) where she picked up the broken fragments of the lives of random people along the street.

In other words, the entire video was quite the snoozefest but Lavigne looked incredible in the black and white scenes. Simple but stunning. Still could've been more interesting though.

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