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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Lady Gaga new track: The Edge of Glory

After bringing us the frankly quite terrible Born This Way, Lady Gaga followed this up with the bloody fantastic Judas, and we've unfortunately slipped into mediocre territory now. Well at least, mediocre for someone of Gaga's calibre. The Edge of Glory is the first iTunes promo single, jumping on a trend Carrie Underwood jumpstarted (or at least restarted) for her Play On album back in November in 2009, then adopted by many other pop stars such as Taylor Swift, Christina Perri, Ke$ha and most recently, Jennifer Lopez.

The Edge of Glory is another one of those ballads, albeit a rather forgettable one. But I'm still loving all these single covers with the big hair (bar the Born This Way album cover, that just looks terrible), and I'm definitely looking forward to next week's release Hair. Mmmmm.

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