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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Big News: There's still hope for The Saturdays' Notorious yet..

Remember how a couple posts earlier, I said I didn't like anything I've seen or heard for The Saturdays' new single Notorious? Well, turns out the folks at Popjustice have gotten their hands on the full track, and have released a little snippet of the song on their site which you can head on over here to take a listen.


That was what I was hoping for, and that 12 seconds is giving me life right now. Vanessa's voice sounds strong on this pre-chorus (I think it's the pre-chorus) and it's just oh my lord. It's addictive and I LOVE IT. It's everything I need in a good pop track, one big fat banger of a chorus/pre-chorus. Which is good because Popjustice said the Amazon 30 second sample was the most boring part of the song. Which would be all the verses then.

Unfortunately, they've also said the song ends more abruptly than expected. Which probably means you're in store for another David Cook The Last Goodbye kind of track. Oh well.

But they've also mentioned that Notorious makes Higher sound old fashioned. Exactly what I wanted. But it really wasn't a tall order.

And it's apparently as good as Katy Perry's Firework. Which means you'll like it for a while, but after 5 weeks, it'll make you want to tear your ears out. But the reason that happened was because of the non-stop airplay. And where I'm from is not where The Sats' music is eaten up so I think I'll be fine.

Let's just hope the rest of the track is more this snippet, and less of that Amazon sample.

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