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Sunday, May 8, 2011
Jordin Sparks new track: I Am Woman

After her last album Battlefield underperformed on the charts and on the sales front, Jordin Sparks is back with her new single - an empowering female anthem all too similar to Beyonce's Run The World (Girls). I can't get myself to like Beyonce's track, and I'm not too crazy about Jordin's I Am Woman either. Both songs are simply too alike to ignore, and it's crazy just how much the both songs are all coming out at around the same time. Of course, I won't call I Am Woman a total rip-off of Run The World (Girls), as Jordin must've been working on it for a while now.

Jordin's charming girl next door image on her debut self-titled album was edged out on Battlefield and she takes things a step further on I Am Woman. But unlike Battlefield, I Am Woman isn't an amazing underrated pop masterpiece, and for now, I'm only half-liking this new soung for Jordin.

I am, however, excited to see the visual for the music video. Jordin's growing up and maturing so I'm not surprised that she's gone for such a sound. Maybe the new era will be filled with empowering, sexy dance floor anthems. She definitely has the voice to pull off anything and for now, is a natural progression in her career.

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