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Saturday, April 23, 2011
Britney Spears new track: Till The World Ends (remix feat. Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha)

After Rihanna and Britney collected their latest, but shady, Hot 100 #1 with Britney hopping on S&M for a remix, Brit Brit has decided to do so again, this time roping in Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj for a remix to Top 10 hit Till The World Ends. Ke$ha's a perfect addition to the track because she co-wrote the track, but Nicki Minaj's feature is pointless. But then it's probabaly because the latter pop starlet is going on tour with Britney this summer. The track is nice enough, but this is probably to get another shady #1. Wonder when Katy Perry's gonna hop into all this crossroads between our pop divas. Then again, Cheryl Cole is thinking of a collaboration with Rihanna, Katy and Nicki on her Stateside debut so..

Download Link: HERE
Download Link 2: HERE

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