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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Rihanna - California King Bed [Music Video Premiere]

Rihanna has certainly come a long way from her Music of the Sun era. 10 #1s into her career on the Hot 100 and Rihanna has premiered the music video of her new single California King Bed which sees Rih walking around like a supermodel, and that's okay because she looks drop dead stunning in this video. The understated, elegant look matches the song and while the song doesn't have much of a plot, it's easy to see past that thanks to the star of this video - Rihanna herself.

My only gripe is that her promotional team are kind of.. A huge mess right now. See, California King Bed has been promoted on Idol and at the Academy of Country Music Awards preceding the premiere of the music video, and all of a sudden, they're pushing the release of the song towards the end of the month while they go with the release of Man Down, her single sent to urban radio, right now when promotion for California King Bed is well underway.

If they're not careful with this sticky situation they're caught in, Rih might miss out on her career's next #1.. And whisper it, she might even flop with California King Bed. Though I pray with my hardest it doesn't.

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