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Thursday, May 19, 2011
The Saturdays - Notorious [Music Video Premiere]

After five video snippets (with Vanessa having the best one), countless lyric teasers, shots of the girls shooting the video getting leaked, the anticipation for this track is boiling over for a fan of The Saturdays. That would include me.

So here it finally is. The video for Notorious. The clip starts of with The Sats being all boring office workers while do some mundane job like answering calls and doing paper work. Then it's time to knock off and as the girls enter the lift, a miraculous change takes place. The girls let their hair down, show a little more skin, and as the lift door opens, lo and behold, it's The Saturdays at their hottest.

They enter a club and start dancing around. It's the usual, and would've definitely preferred some more scenes with the girls dancing in other parts of the club, and not just a little gathering around the dance floor.

This video is good. But it could've been fiercer, it could've been more fun, it also could've been longer. It could be epic. Except it's not. But it's a nice little ditty and whether or not this track gets their first #1 in the UK doesn't bother me much.

The girls will be performing Notorious on Dancing With The Stars which will be taped on Friday and aired on Saturday.

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