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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Big News: The Saturdays update!

Remember how there were many official reports circulating that The Saturdays were to release Higher in Germany, possibly being their breakthrough single in Europe? It appears those plans have been scrapped, and the girls are charging forward with their new single Notorious to crack Europe as well. And thank god for that as well, because Notorious makes Higher sound passe. In a new interview with Digital Spy, the girls seemed reluctant to tackle the States, "We'll kind of get there, when we get there," Frankie said.

They debuted a performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance, but when questioned about whether they've got more promo lined up, Rochelle said that there'll be more promo when the actual physical copy of the single is released on June 27th which seems like an awful long time away from now, but I'm sure Notorious has the steam to keep steady till then and not peak too early. Good thing then, Notorious is only at #5 on the Midweeks Chart. But this seems to be a new promotional strategy for the group, as they usually had the album release really close to the release of the lead single before the album just fizzled out before that. Even Britain's best pop star Cheryl Cole had this previous tactic for the Messy Little Raindrops era as well. Perhaps with the length of the time having Notorious as their single out, it'll keep sales steady for both the single and the album.

Their upcoming album released later this year precedes their arena tour, so let's hope that their arena tour will include Europe, and for the girls to head to Europe to do promo as well.

But with regards to their forthcoming album, Rochelle said that Notorious isn't indicative of the entire album's direction, so the entire album isn't a recoord about frivolour partying then. Mollie, meanwhile, said that all the girls are "starting to write a lot more. We've been doing this for a good few years so we have a lot to say! We haven't finished the album yet so we're still experimenting."

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