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Monday, June 20, 2011
Selena Gomez & The Scene new track: Love You Like A Love Song + 3 album tracks!

Selena Gomez and her virtual band no one cares about, have premiered their next official single after Top 30 hit Who Says have gone platinum. They released an iTunes single Bang Bang Bang last week which has strangely grown on me. It's not an immediately amazing song, but with time, it's subtlety has won me over.

Love You Love Song somewhat falls into the same category, but sort of stuck halfway between the teen poppy beats of Naturally and the more mature danciness of Bang Bang Bang. It's alright, I supppose.

Download Link: HERE

You can check out her debut performance on Love You Like A Love Song live on GMA below. She's still rather dull and has no stage presence whatsoever, but I'm not surprised.

Earlier this week, Selena also had the misfortune of having three of her songs from upcoming album The Sun Goes Down make their way online. Oh, they're all co-writes from major stars by the way.

First up is We Own The Night, a Pixie Lott co-write, which I wouldn't blame you for thinking it's Pixie's new single, simply for the fact this has Pixie and her vocals all over the track. A bit like Chris Brown Joe Jonas' See No More. It follows the campfire, sing along type of track that Jessie J's Price Tag sounds like. I would've preferred Lott's soulful vocals over this silky track then Selena's paper thin vocals but if it means Lott's upcoming music is better than this, I'm all for it.

Download Link: HERE

Next is a Britney co-write, titled Whiplash, which follows the heavy beats of Hold It Against Me, and in fact, sounds like it could be its b-sides. When you're Selena Gomez, you settle for pop star rejects, especially since this Disney Teen Queen can't write her material at all. It's really just a bland Femme Fatale leftover.

Download Link: HERE

Last, and actually least, is a Katy Perry reject called That's More Like It, with Selena Gomez playing spoilt princess as she orders people around to pamper her. With every Katy Perry song that's going out there, it's just getting worse and worse. From the markedly improved Long Shot and I Do Not Hook Up Katy tracks that were handed to Kelly Clarkson from her All I Ever Wanted album to.. This?

Once again, a Selena Gomez & The Scene album not worth buying. At all.

Download Link: HERE


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