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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
The Saturdays - Notorious + I Need A Dollar/Buzzin' (cover) live @ Radio 1 Live Lounge

Previously, The Saturdays said they'd do more promo for their most recent UK Top 10 single Notorious, which sees the girls explore the dancier side of pop music, favouring clubby beats over synthesizers and big pop choruses their previous efforts use to have by the truckloads. It's nice to see girlbands progress as artists, and a surprising thing since most seem to be stuck in a loop.

Nevertheless, it's nearing the CD single release, which is 27th June, and The Sats hit Radio 1 Live Lounge which sees the girls tearing Notorious down acoustically and it's fresh to see and listen to. What disturbs me is how unhappy Vanessa seems to be with herself vocally, especially on this video where she still continues to struggle hitting the notes.

Girl needs to go on vocal rest. But unfortunately for The Saturdays, it's go go go all the way.

UPDATE: The Saturdays have turned it all around with their Live Lounge cover, doing an acoustic mashup of Aloe Blacc's I Need A Dollar and Mann's Buzzin'. Check them out slaying below.


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