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Thursday, June 23, 2011
The Saturdays - uStream 2011

The Saturdays did a uStream just for kicks and performed their recent B-side Not That Kinda Girl, acoustic, which you can see in Part 1 above. In which Rochelle dials Flo Rida and then realises he's in jail. Rochelle continues the streak of being absolutely batshit crazy by accidentally giving out Chipmunk's number to everyone watching the uStream in Part 2 which you can see below. LOL. I love these girls. They ended the uStream by performing the chorus of Higher acoustic.

But my point of this post, is that a fan asked them if they had a support act for their upcoming All Fired Up arena tour, in which they said they didn't know yet. Now, I've got just the right solution. Belle Amie. Remember the girl group on Simon Cowell's X Factor show last season? I thought they had potential but were eliminated in the earlier rounds of the competition. Nevertheless, they just premiered the video for their debut single Girls Up, and has drawn comparison's to Cher Lloyd's frankly rubbish debut single Swagger Jagger. I know, Girls Up is a bit messy in terms of production, and might flop pretty badly, and The Saturdays' most recent B-side Not That Kinda Girl beats this a million times over, but Belle Amie are relatively unknown (for now) and I think with some better material, they could be a hit. But if they disappear into obscurity after Girls Up flops, The Sats could have Parade open their tour, I think their second single Perfume is pretty decent.


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