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Friday, July 1, 2011
Joe Jonas - See No More [Music Video Premiere]

The Jonas Brothers have been making the hearts of little girls flutter since they broke out a couple years back. However, I always thought they were pretty shit and didn't have much good music, so I didn't exactly think they'd last long.

However, one of the most charismatic brothers is Joe, who's easily the best looking, and who'd make it on his own without the Disney machine behind him. His introductory single See No More serves as his first offering as a solo artist, and it's years ahead of the Disney production that has made much of the Jonas Brothers' discography so cheesy.

The music video has finally arrived, and it's pretty decent. I'm definitely looking out for him now, but he's less than vocally impressive live, so we'll see if he'll be able to pull it off live on a big stage instead of those small theatre tours.

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