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Sunday, July 3, 2011
Joe Jonas - See No More live @ Paul O Grady

It appears Joe Jonas still can make the tween girls scream till they go hoarse. The Jonas Brother hottie was on The Paul O' Grady Show to deliver the first televised performance of his debut single as a solo artist See No More. Which is suprising because according to Joe, the single doesn't get released till a month later in the UK, but he's doing promotions over there instead of the US where See No More isn't doing well.

Nevertheless, this performance was average. He performed over a backing track while his paper thin vocals tried to work its way to hitting notes, more miss than hit. He even ran out of breath once or twice, oversinging and straining his voice. His movements were also awkward on stage and he didn't seem seasoned with the mic.

But I still like the song and the recently premiered music video, but someone needs to polish Joe's skills.


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