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Saturday, July 23, 2011
Big News: Listen to The Saturdays' new single All Fired Up

British pop princesses The Saturdays have always been the reigning girl group ever since uber successful girl group icons Girls Aloud took a break in 2009, and have won over audiences with their radio-friendly pop sing-a-long big choruses which have earned them eight Top 10 UK singles. Then, Parade and Wonderland, two new girl groups came along with Parade doing the exact same music The Saturdays were doing except they looked more hipster while Wonderland did your not-so-typical girl group sound of Hot AC.

With The Saturdays being Queens of the British girlband throne, they had to switch up their sound and took things a notch, kicking their songs into overdrive and the new sound was indicated by Notorious, one of the first pop groups to employ the On Air/On Sale way of selling their single, their fanbase still managed to pull the group to another Top 10 spot of #8, but it plummeted down the Top 40 Singles Chart due to its drastic change in sound which left many diehard fans stunned.

Now that Notorious is trying to stay afloat, hovering around the #20+ spots on the UK Singles Chart, The Saturdays have premiered their brand new single All Fired Up which follows their new sound of being clubbier. But while Notorious was a bold club stomper, All Fired Up is a little more Europop and sounds more like something you'd rave to.

And it is coincidentally, sounding like it could be their best single so far. While UK pop bands are all following their particular formula, The Saturdays are breaking out and showing many different sides, slaying almost everybody in the pop game.

Unfortunately, the girls will have to perform this live someday, debuting at a summer festival today in fact, and I somehow can't see them pulling off this crazily paced dancefloor-filling number which would require frenetic choreography, and we all know they're not exactly the best dancers..

Still, now that we're used to The Saturdays slaying the clubs now, let's hope this one sticks around more than Notorious could.

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