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Friday, July 22, 2011
What Cheryl Cole should do next.

Simply because the pop music scene is rather painfully slow at the minute. Here's what Britain's best pop star Cheryl Cole should do next.

1. Severe all ties with The X Factor. On the other side of the drama, we saw headlines of The X Factor US and FOX bosses ripping Cheryl to shreds firing her, and then replacing her with the rather, rather dull and emotionless Nicole Scherzinger. Of course, it's not the first time The X Factor has made use of her and thrown her under the bus. She did come under fire with X Factor UK reject Gamu and she was only on The X Factor UK because she'd be the reason millions tuned in to watch Simon Cowell's manipulative reality tv singing competition The X Factor. It's time to axe The X Factor out of your life, Chez.

2. Get together with Girls Aloud. And I don't mean a permanent reunion, no. Nicola Roberts' solo material, Cheryl's performing skills and Girls Aloud's image as British girl group icons is more than enough for me. Furthermore, there's only room for one British girl group giant, currently held by The Saturdays, and some rookie girl groups - Parade, Wonderland, Belle Amie etc. at any one point. Girls Aloud needs to get together for a one off reunion at the Olympics 2012 Ceremony London will be hosting, and to make it their biggest and best live performance ever. I'm hoping for a medley including The Promise, Sound of the Underground, Sexy! No No No.. and Something Kinda Ooooh. A couple of arena dates for a reunion tour could work as well if the Olympics gig doesn't happen.

3. Record better solo material. We all know Cheryl knows very well how to work a crowd, bringing in fierce choreography, confidence that would shake Nicola Roberts to the core, and a nice outfit that would have every straight man in the world sit up. But her albums are shit. No, no, her singles are fine, namely the pop classics Fight For This Love, Parachute, and 3 Words (the album) cut Stand Up. But we all know her albums as a whole underwhelm and overall are just really terrible. She's already started work on her third album and has been recording in LA, so let's hope she's landing some better material this time round, not some Britney rejects.

4. Perform her comeback single at the London Olympics. Yes I do want Cheryl/Girls Aloud to be involved at the Olympics somehow. It's only right. She's Britain's biggest popstar and Girls Aloud are.. Girls Aloud. This performance shall be on the same level as her Fight For This Love performance at the 2010 Brit Awards and slay everyone watching.

Then she'll have the world at her feet in minutes. Sounds like a good plan. Get to work Cheryl.

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