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Friday, August 5, 2011
Big News: The Saturdays unveil All Fired Up video teaser

The Saturdays have found themselves in an icky situation. Their upcoming single All Fired Up has lost them some fans of the old straight up pop sound they used to have, and their new single goes head to head with comeback singles Collide introducing Leona Lewis back into the music industry, while Pixie Lott launches herself and her new look with All About Tonight. I'll cover my chart predictions for that hectic release week when September 4th gets closer but for now, The Saturdays have unveiled a teaser of their video for All Fired Up.

Personally, I would've gone for a full-on rave in a club full of partygoers, instead of what we see here with the girls donning high street clothes and touching and whipping their air, with some glitter thrown in too. For this video, I will need choreography, I will need dancers, and I will need this to be epic, thanks.

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