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Thursday, August 25, 2011
Demi Lovato - Skyscraper live @ America's Got Talent + Album news!

After strong digital sales, Demi Lovato's career resurgence went into full swing as Skyscraper became the highest charting single of her career in the United States, peaking at #10 so far. The single so far has been plummeting down the Hot 100, but radio has only just started to really eat the song up and Demi's only just started doing promotional rounds. She first performed the empowering ballad on VH1's Do Something Awards, but has taken things up an entirely new level for her most recent visit to America's Got Talent. She emerged out of a scrap heap, before setting the stage on fire, playing the piano during the song's bridge, and truly taking the song by the neck and absolutely reigning over it. Sure, there was a moment where she got a little caught up in the moment and her vocals slipped a bit after effortlessly hitting that high note, but she got herself back together again and truly proved why she's still the most vocally talented starlet to have ever been associated with the Disney machine.

And if you haven't seen it yet, Demi unveiled the cover of her album and the tracklisting which you can check out both below.

1. All Night Long (Featuring Missy Elliott & Timbaland)
2. Who’s That Boy (Featuring Dev)
3. You’re My Only Shorty (Featuring Iyaz)
4. Together (Featuring Jason Derulo)
5. Lightweight
6. Unbroken
7. Fix a Heart
8. Hold Up
9. Mistake
10. Give Your Heart a Break
11. Skyscraper
12. In Real Life
13. My Love is Like a Star
14. For The Love of a Daughter
15. Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)

I'm just sayin', it sounds like All Night Long's gonna be one hot collaboration. Oh, and has anyone realised For The Love Of A Daughter, a song she didn't put on her last album as it was too personal and a little out of reach for her tween fans, is actually on this album? Sounds like Demi's finally grown up and is more about being an artist now.

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