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Friday, August 12, 2011
Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day [Music Video Premiere]

Even while flashing her knickers at us, Nicola Roberts looks bored. You may have beat to her drum before, but that was a hard hitting electronica number that failed to catch on in the UK, peaking only at a measly #27 on the UK Singles Chart. However, there's hope in Nicola as Beat of My Drum and it's B-sides Porcelain Heart and Disco, Blisters And A Comedown were absolutely flawless.

The edit of the music video for Lucky Day without the special effects leaked earlier, but with the special effects, it's not a dramatic change. In fact, I was kind of hoping for effects seen in Cher Lloyd's video for the so bad it's good debut single Swagger Jagger, mixed with the effects used in Allison Iraheta's effing flawless pop video Friday I'll Be Over U. Instead, all we get are some lame lighting effects following the motion of Nicola's hands. Meh.

Still, the song fits that kind of lazy summer song where you're not too lazy to go listen to a ballad, but one where you're home, tired, and would like to put on a feel good record. And that's exactly what Lucky Day is.

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