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Thursday, August 11, 2011
Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now [Music Video Premiere] + performance on Alan Carr

Just because you've got a broken leg and just so happens to be Britain's "pop star of the year" doesn't mean you don't go to work. Jessie J may have fallen off a stage during a summer gig, landing her foot in a cast and all, but she most recently filmed the video for fourth UK single Who's Laughing Now and did a performance on Alan Carr.

The music video shows a young Jessica Cornish in school getting bullied and taunted by the pretty girls in pink. But by the time the first chorus starts, lil' Jessie's had enough and goes all bad ass on us, wrecking some of the school property in the most innocent 8 year old manner you can think of. Well, you know, when you were 8 and not actual 8 year old monsters these days. Jessie herself appears as a cleaner, lunch lady and a teacher, watching lil' Jessie turn herself into a gangsta brat, before joining young Jessie for the final chorus.

Hoping to land herself another hit, Jessie hit up Alan Carr: Chatty Man recently to talk about her injury, the message behind Who's Laughing Now etc., before taking the stage to perform Who's Laughing Now. By Jessie standards, it was another flawless vocal performance, unlike her performance of the same song at Radio 1's Big Weekend, where I suppose she could barely hear herself, and ended up catching herself in the wrong key almost the entire way through, making the performance almost unbearable. Check all of them out below.

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