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Thursday, August 18, 2011
Big News: JoJo to return with "Disaster"!

JoJo has been keeping under the radar ever since her record company ran into financial problems, and she demanded to be released from her contract, quickly being signed again under a new deal with Blackground/Interscope Records. Ever since then, she dropped a mixtape Can't Take That Away From Me and changed the title of her forthcoming third disc from All I Want Is Everything to Jumping Trains.

Nevertheless, JoJo sneaked a new single The Other Chick to iTunes which flopped. Not surprising, considering no one knew JoJo had a new single, and the single was much too dated for 2011 pop radio.

But now, we finally have something concrete: JoJo herself tweeted, ""DISASTER" - 1ST OFFICIAL SINGLE FROM JUMPING TRAINS. Can't Wait For You All to Hear It. #TWEETUrFaveRadioStation #MoreDetailsComingSoon" I assume since they're starting to build up hype for it, it's actually going to happen.

Apparently, American radio station 933FLZ has heard the song, and tweeted to a JoJo fansite that Disaster "sounds similar to "Too Little Too Late." Pure pop and really good! Coming to 93.3 FLZ and pop radio soon."

Meanwhile while you're hyperventilating over new JoJo music that's actually going to see our favourite childhood pop star return to slay Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and all the other ridiculous pop tarts that think they can stand in the way of The JoJo, you can check out her uber sexy collaboration with close friend Travis Garland on Paint, a song off his mixtape.

I just wanna do you in the paint, I wanna make love to you in the place I I, rollin' around in the mess that we made, brushin' and strokin' the best sex we made. And imma put it in your hair, and you're rubbin' it on everywhere. I just wanna do you in the paint oh oh.. Boy don't be shy I know you ain't..

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