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Thursday, August 25, 2011
Big News: Nicola Roberts unveils album cover + tracklisting!

Let's be real. Out of all of the Girls Aloud solo projects, Nicola has the highest quality music. But since her debut single Beat of My Drum tanked on the chart, a lot is riding on her second single Lucky Day, released on the 18th of September. Nevertheless, the Ginger Queen revealed the artwork for debut album Cinderella's Eyes, out September 4th. The cover is flawless obviously, but I didn't expect anything less than perfect, much unlike Cheryl Cole's cheap looking Messy Little Raindrops album sleeve.

Sophisticated, classy, gorgeous. But will anyone actually buy it? Fingers crossed the album does well and sells on quality alone, and Nicola becomes everyone's favourite indie/mainstream pop singer.

Check out the track listing below:

1. Beat Of My Drum
2. Lucky Day
3. Yo-Yo
4. Cinderella’s Eyes
5. Porcelain Heart
6. i
7. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
8. Say It Out Loud
9. Gladiator
10. Fish Out Of Water
11. Take A Bite
12. sticks + stones

Looks like the flawless Girls Aloud-esque Beat of My Drum b side Porcelain Heart has made the final tracklisting! It's a good day, y'all.

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