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Thursday, August 25, 2011
Big News: Listen to The Saturdays' new B Side "Ladykiller"!

The Saturdays' All Fired Up isn't due till September 4th, which will contain a new song called Ladykiller which serves as the single's b side. But lo and behold, Amazon screwed up and released All Fired Up a little early and now we've got Ladykiller on our hands. The Saturdays mentioned before that their new album will have a lot of "man bashing", and so we've got the girls here singing of a dangerous man, but still can't help but falling prey to this charming man.

In true Sats fashion, Ladykiller sounds like something that could've been on their last album, but more progressed and with a bit more sass, very much like all the material we've heard this new album era, first with Notorious, it's b side Not That Kinda Girl, the rave club stomper All Fired Up, and now this brilliant tune.

Check it out below.

Admittedly, I do goddamn miss Vanessa's powerful lungs. But her voice needs rest now. So it's Una's turn to flex her range on this song.

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