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Friday, January 21, 2011
Big News: The Saturdays announce their 2011 plans via a new web series!

In a new web series, UK's premiere girl group The Saturdays have given fans an exclusive sneak peak at the fivesome preparing for their headlining tour this year appropriately titled The Headlines Tour. The dates run from early February to early March and though this new web series is pretty much a less cool version of their TV show The Saturdays 24/7 (which only had a 4 episode run), it does provide us bits of information for the group's plans this year. The cheesy and totally unprofessional introduction piece aside, it's the usual Sats 'behind the scenes flip'.

Basically, the girls talk about what they did over the Christmas break, but the juicy gossip comes from Frankie, who mentions that the girls are doing a "whole lot more writing for the next album". Also, she also mentions that the group might be heading overseas for some promotion. Hmmmm. My money's on European territories, I'm sure they're going to stick with UK domination ala Girls Aloud, with some promotion in other parts of Europe. They are doing quite well on the Scottish music charts..

Still, I could deal with one final single from Headlines!. Preferably Puppet. With a totally weird, creepy, cool music video like what Girls Aloud did for Sexy! No No No. Except not like Girls Aloud, which would bring more rubbish comparisons between the two groups.

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