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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Big News: How's Alexandra Burke doing on tour?

It's her debut headlining tour, so naturally, Alexandra Burke's working it on stage. And she's already got the haters talking. The ridiculous Daily Mail has never had a nice thing to say about her rather revealing outfits, but I personally think she looks rather fit. In some pictures of course, there's gonna be the odd, awkward looking unflattering shot that some amateur is going to take and spread it on the net.

You can't please everybody. Still, her trademark powerhouse vocals are still winning praise and aren't as opinion-splitting as her wardrobe choices. Comforting.

Mirror: I reckon this is gonna be one bad ass tour...

The Sun: she put in a really polished performance in Belfast, hammering out her hits including Hallelujah, Bad Boys and Start Without You. The pipes still sound just as good as when they netted her the X Factor top spot two years ago.

Daily Mail: in her attempt to go all out as she kicked off her All Night Long tour in Belfast last night, the former X Factor winner just ended up looking a bit over-the-top as she took to the stage in a bejewelled, cutaway leotard.

The Irish Times: one album coupled with a Destiny’s Child medley does not an all-night concert make. The cracks in Burke’s armour quickly become apparent – with just four dancers and two backing singers tucked away to the left of the stage, she cuts a lonely figure on a large and somewhat empty stage. Her vocals, impressive as they may be, are not quite enough to carry an entire concert – and any Beyoncé comparisons (five costume changes reveal leotard after leotard and one befeathered gown) fall flat without the heft of Knowles’ production behind her.

As long as I see the strobelights, I'm dancing all night long..

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