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Sunday, January 16, 2011
Jennifer Lopez new track: On The Floor feat. Pitbull

Poor J.Lo. No one's really checking for her music now. But the singer's still going ahead with her upcoming studio album Love? slated for release this year. Off the back of the upcoming tenth season of American Idol, she might get at least one charting single, but if this is a representation of the entire album, forget it.

On The Floor featuring Pitbull will serve as the lead single from the album, but although it is somewhat catchy, I don't think it sets her apart from other generic pop songs overplayed on radio these days. I'm very neutral about Pitbull, but his voice is a little grating to listen to on this track. I'm not very impressed, to be honest. C'mon J.Lo, even Paula's single releases during Idol were a billion times better than..


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