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Monday, January 10, 2011
Big News: American Idol releases new promo + New 'Sudden Death' round?

American Idol has been nailing every single one of the promotional videos lately, good thing. Because they might need it. After a lacklustre Season 9, following a huge mess regarding the judging panel, and Simon Cowell leaving the show and bringing his massive UK hit show The X Factor to the States, the future of American Idol was and still is rather uncertain. Nevertheless, Idol is pulling out all the stops to make sure Idol's Season 10 doesn't fall too hard. In the promo video above, you can see some pretty good auditionees (though only one singer was featured), and another hopeful that looks startingly similar to Charity Vance who auditioned last year but failed to breeze through Hollywood Week. I'm thinking it's her, because there are people buzzing online thhat it isn't.

Also, Idol's exec producer Nigel Lythgoe who returned to the show this year, has tweeted that "We’re rehearsing with the Idol contestants, the first time this year. I’m still very happy with the overall standard. Tough decisions ahead." This is the "rumoured" 'Sudden Death' round that surfaced online earlier where we'll see the Top 40 cut to the Top 20. Hmmmm.

Also, a report from Daily Mail has said that Simon Cowell has signed Will Smith as a judge. First off, don't think this one is true. Secondly, I laughed a bit because I read 'Willow Smith'.

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