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Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Big News: Ke$ha selects Blow as the next single!

Well, this is clearly long overdue. After Ke$ha milked We R Who We R like crazy, the always trashy pop star now has a new single in the pipeline - Blow, reports All Access, who've also mentioned Blow will be released to radio February 8th. If that's true, Ke$ha's going head to head with Gaga's first single from her Born This Way album, right after Britney Spears drops her single Hold It Against Me, which now has an unknown release date (nope, no more January 7th), and Avril Lavigne's comeback single What The Hell.

Clearly, Ke$ha isn't taking any chances because Blow is one of the catchier songs on the Cannibal EP. Of course, being in the same company when Avril, Britney and Gaga will be reigning the charts, Ke$ha's rep might see a boost. Usually when some lesser artists are doing well amongst the company of the better pop stars, they too will enjoy a boost. Just so long as they don't market Blow the way they marketed We R Who We R because I am THOROUGHLY sick of that song, especially since the music video took ages to premiere.

Just so long as Ke$ha fights for her spot in one of pop's biggest years, she shouldn't be fading out too quickly.

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