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Thursday, December 30, 2010
Big News: What can you expect with HURTS' collaboration with Leona Lewis?

It was previously announced that Leona Lewis had begun work on her third studio album with a planned release in Summer 2011. Then the collaborations started filling in, and we saw Leona Lewis working with the man that has bought the great and the bad to her discography, Ryan Tedder. Nevertheless, another collaboration that surfaced was that Lewis was to work with David Guetta. I'm not too sold on that on as I think David Guetta produces the music to a point where there's barely any soul left in the vocal.

Nevertheless, the very recent collaboration that leaked through was one with British duo Hurts. It's interesting to see how this pans out because this could be groundbreaking.. Or not. Both are fans of each other's and Hurts have recently said they would like to turn Leona into a gothic diva. Hmmmm. Don't mind me asking, but hasn't Leona played the gothic card with her debut headlining The Labyrinth Tour?

But maybe she'll get darker and darker. Let's hope her next album doesn't suffer the same fate as Echo though, that felt way too overproduced that it just left me cold.

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